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After 5 LONG months of waiting, we are almost approaching the moment of truth. It must be a surprise for everyone. I was talking about the results. It finally narrowed down between Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. Now who am I rooting for? It is a no-brainer. It’s Adam Lambert of course. I was always vocal about it and never changed my views since it started a couple of months back. In fact….you can go through my earlier post……… this and this

I have been behind all the news, blogs, online articles and everything about what’s behind the American Idol glamour. Everybody is talking about how great Adam Lambert is. How gay Adam Lambert is. How sleazy Adam Lambert is. Well, in my case, I certainly don’t give a f*ck. He is good, that nails out everything. So better keep the mouth shut.


Imagine how people can sourgrape about somebody who is on it’s road to stardom. Can people be just happy about his achievements? Well, America is well known to be smart voters. I just hope that all these hypes and detraction will not affect any of the results. It will be a shame if that’s the case then.

If Adam Lambert will fail to bring home the title next week??? That’s b*llshit. Well, if that happens, I always believed that he already earned his spot in the recording industry. It will just put a cherry on top of the cream in case he will be able to pull this one out.

Was it predictable for Adam to reach this far? Yes it is, with such unique voice that has an enormous range…..why not? It was a clear win by a far mile. The way he sings, just put the rest of the contestants at the back of the mirror.  He is just spectacular, I must say. Kris Allen on the other hand has got something to share also, I just don’t believe that he is good enough compared to Adam. Bwahahahahahaha…..Lambert  is definitely a sure win. But why do I feel that Kris can also pull this? Yeah…maybe because of his looks….I won’t be surprised then. The wife is a disturbance though…I mean no offense, what’s with her…..I guess she also wants to share the publicity that Kris is getting. Celebrity Wannabe!

It’s going to be Adam Lambert concert next week. Win or loose, he already proved to us, to America, that he is one the shows best performer ever when it started 8 years ago.

So Adam and Kris fanatics………….let us all get a good and tight sleep this week. We will about to witness the making of a new star…’s a date. We’ll see you all in the season finale of American Idol Season 8.

……I still believe it’s Adam.

Cross fingers Adamaddicts……The polls are still open. Keep voting. 😉



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