12:18 in the evening, May 29, 2009

Half of the year is almost through. I am excited to celebrate my first year in this spot. That calls for a big bang! DEFINITELY.

Hello avid B-dazzlers. I just finished watching the 12th episode of Ugly Betty. That series is one hell of fun. Makes me think so much…..those “what could be” in life. I don’t know , it is just so hilarious. I love Amanda so much and she can never TOP anyone  in my “funniest bitch on earth” list. Spending hours watching 5 episodes in a row was all worth it.

—–right now, while I am busy writing this blog, next to me was Randell snoring like a thunder. Honestly, I am getting used to it. It is like, I am going to die if I miss it. I remember my days back home, my uncle has got the same case that I cannot sleep without hearing him snoring. Hearing it was something like melody to the ears. Seriously, this is not a hoax.

—–My notebook sucks. My battery got fully drained out. A piece of crap. It has not even completed 2 years and now it is ruined. Day before yesterday when I was trying it….Voila. It says Battery not present. I tried troubleshooting it and it just leads me to one conclusion. Hopeless! Really! It was indeed a piece of crap. 600 f*ckin bucks I have to spend to get a new one….and guess what? I am broke. I just can’t afford to spend right now as I am starting to feel the after effects of recession….my dues and blah blah blah. 😉 Just wanted to keep my hidden assets safe and sound.

——where is gee? Missin’ her. All of us. Gee—-if you are reading this, please buy me a T2 DVD if its available in the Province of Bulacan. (MARE ANO? MAY CHANNEL 2 NA BA SA BAYAN NYO?) I am pregnant and if you fail to carry one….I am afraid I will have a miscarriage. I know you won’t let that happen. Valerie will be so upset to loose a sister. So buy me one please…….Love yah bitch.

——Mean Mina is about to get her new sewing machine. In fact, maybe right now it is PROJECT RUNWAY IN PROGRESS..I am excited. She is excited. I hope she can sew my dream underwear for my future boy toys. I was picturing out something like this….

love it

love it

I know. It is just a simple piece of cloth.

For those of you who can’t identify what is it….well..it is called the elephant thong dumb asses.

I must say, this can be a good start. What do you say Mean Mina…..???? I would love to see this in your first  set of collections. Surely, DSD can wait. 😉 Believe me, we don’t do something without a purpose. 😉 We can even raise funds through this. We can call it “Elephant for a Cause”. Proceeds can go to charity.

I knowwwww……….Brilliant Idea isn’t it?…that was easy!

I am starting to sound serious about it.

Maybe Little T from our office can give us a pattern to start with.

——-What’s the fuzz on KH & HK scandal? Have you seen the video? I did. My comments. Well, Seeing 10,178 number of porn movies of different classifications and positions, the vid didn’t even reach my top 5,000. It was like watching a pupa finally having its wings as it flies up high. (I meant boring). Well K did impress me a little bit with her acrobatic moves that even made Elle think that it was just plain and simple. I am just wondering…..Arche must be tough then….(PAUSES, CLOSED MY EYES AND THINKS ABOUT IT)…..Yummy. Perversion is so IN bitches.  People are crazy about it…..just wants to talk about it. Makes me say Moooooooooh!

——-What else? I’m sleepy and I think I have written enough……something longer than this will again become sooooooo boring. I don’t want to go beyond overboard. It’s fun to be back once in a while.

Taking off,




  1. meanmina said,

    May 29, 2009 at 6:13 pm

    sure Bee! basta kelangan ko lang ung pinakamaikli and pinakamahabang length ng tut tut pagmaybibili para perfect “stretch” feature.

    • B said,

      May 29, 2009 at 8:06 pm

      hahaha…..I so love the idea…..
      One size fits all.
      This is going to be a start of a sizzling undie adventure!

  2. meanmina said,

    May 30, 2009 at 12:06 am

    b, grabe season ender ng ugly betty! ouch!

    • B said,

      May 30, 2009 at 2:12 am

      Yah Mins……sobra…I just finished watching the final episode…..grabeh……tinapos ko talaga…

      Naawa ako kay Daniel…patay na si Molly Holly bobolly…
      I searched in the internet…I thought may kasunod pa…leche…yun na pala yun..

      Who do you think is Claire’s other child?
      ——–I’m curious!

  3. meanmina said,

    May 30, 2009 at 12:07 am

    tatawagin natin na …. male elePANTYsm!

  4. meanmina said,

    May 31, 2009 at 6:17 pm

    My guess… ung bestfriend ni Wilhelmina (forgot the name) … or, or… si Henry… or baka isa satin un?!?!?!?!!

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