I wanted to open my laptop and blog this. But until now, I was still shocked about what just happened so I am just going to do this quickly through my mobile.

I left office early today since boss V left the office early as well. It’s been a while since Dianne tried to reach, called, bugged and cursed me just to see her. Finally, I had the time. I called her to ask the hotel and the room number and told me that she’s residing at Ramada hotel, Room 218, in Al Barsha. I hurried up, found the place, parked my car and went up. I rang the doorbell and voila…..Dianne welcomed me with her naked body. “I am having sex with my boyfriend who is inside. Come on in, we are almost done.”

It was really a very awkward moment. I noticed that the yahoo webcam was open and Dianne was letting everyone back in the Philippines to see her live doing the lustrous thingy. 😉 jeeeezzzz. I was embarrassed when she and her boyfriend invited me to become their audience. I wanted to click pictures….but Di told me that the guy doesn’t want to. Weird. They are viewed by everyone through the webcam. I don’t remember also if I got my camera click in silent mode….so forget about it.

WOW! My mouth was zipped. I was shaking but I was loving it. …. until the guy asked me… Wanna join? 😉

TO BE CONTINUED…..because I am really sleepy. Buh bye.kisses here.


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