……..It’s nice to go back AND read whatever I have written a year back…….haaaar….haaaarr…… 😉

The way I was…. Very pleasant to read it back knowing how desperate and disturbed I was, back then!


I guess this is not meant to be posted coz’ I am already running my second edit about this topic.

I believed and trusted you. It all started as rumors, gossip which one by one stroke me with a flag of truth. There is really more to see rather than hearing it… I saw it. Never winked at it…but whatever it is..we ended up us no brainers with less brain activities.

Thanks for showing me the real ”YOU”. The unmasked born fake. Everything just blew up in a click of a finger.

To her: it’s going to be the same script…but with a different cast. This is just a retake of my life in which I was his star for many nights. Now roles are starting to change and you are now the leading lady of his life..LIGHTS, CAMERA…smile coz your “ON”….thanks whitney…

I cannot say that she is lucky..its not even debatable. Knowing what she will be going though makes me wonder how she can deal with the same pain I’ve been through. Let her enjoy it now…coz it won’t last..same words…different cast

Inside of me still wishing that it wasn’t really over…But this hopes start to drown me now. Enough! We were happy when we were simple…uncorrupted…endless…Look at us now. I nodded …then it sunk in to my head once again that it was really the end of the rope.

I’ll miss you…I do. But let’s end it there….

trapped in the losers den,

queen b




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