It’s been a while!

Good evening B-dazzlerzz…Good day to everyone around the world. My friends back home. My college, high school mates in the different parts of the world. To all my avid readers who finally reached a count 0f 6.

Thanks for the continuous patronage. I really appreciate it (with a teary eye). ;- )

Hugs and kisses from me and my cute daughter Valerie, who remains to be the most adorable bitch of Jumeirah. Just like no other. Like me, she wants to extend her big welcome to everyone out there who continues to be B-DAZZLED.

Keep Shinin’.

What a beautiful day.

Though it is really a wonderful day, yesterday was really sad. You certainly know what I mean. As everybody talks about how they were inspired by the late Michael Jackson, I started recalling how MJ has inspired me too. I remember when I was still in High School, I have a complete collection of his hits. Way too many to mention. All I know is that, why I got inspired to dance was certainly because of Jacko.

What an Icon? Seriously, I really didn’t see it coming. It was actually the last thing on my mind as I wait for his most awaited come back concert. I was talking to Faisal yesterday and he was telling me that he and his friends were planning to see his UK concert but was hesitant because rumors are spreading that he might ditch all of the scheduled performances.

How ironic could that be?

Life is indeed full of surprises, here is one.

You all live your life to its fullest coz we really never know what lies behind the next slide of those curtains.

May you rest in peace Michael. We all love you and your legacy will remain forever.

Enough of the sad moments. At the end of the day, we all have to live our lives and continue to see how beautiful the road will be. It might be MJ’s end, but we just have to continue and live our lives for him. I am sure that’s what he wants.




I got addicted watching So You Think You Can Dance last week. Just imagine, I was able to finish the entire Season 4 in 4 straight days. No wonder, if you’ll see me, eye bags is all over my eyes. That’s horribly grooooowss! I was a bit disappointed that Joshua emerged as the eventual winner. I was rooting for Katee Shean. Too bad America went for the second best. And twitch became the runner up??? Seriously?? Sorry Sabby! I know, for you, Twitch was a “Buck”. We all have different opinions. For me, he was not good enough to even become part of the Top 4. And Will——out of it. Phullleeaasse!

There were a handful of higlights during the season and I really can’t name all of them. All I know is that I loved every single minute of it. And Mia Michael’s contemporary routines? The Contempo dance that Chelsea and Marc did…..I was talking about the wedding thingy….Fabulous as ever. I just felt odd when she had a nasty comment when the time Brandon hit the stage that even Mary Murphy can’t seem to stand. It sounded so………envious.

I thought that was it. I am currently following So You Think You Can Dance on its 5th Season wherein Janette, Brandon, Jonathan and our very own Karla are my strong bets. Jonathan got booted off last Thursday. Now, the show lost a very cute face which makes the show a little bit boring having such commoner faces brought by the remaining guys.


MY CHOSEN 4 (from the left Janette, Brandon, Jonathan and Karla)

Janette Manrara is a great move to beat. She doesn’t cease to amaze me. Having partnered with Brandon was a sure spot in the Final Four. I just love the team up. The couple is definitely a hard one to beat. Watch out for these two bitches and hores. If she wins? I won’t be surprised at all.

Tyce Diorio——–He is now part of my fantasies. I never fell in love with a gay man….not until I saw him. Sizzling hot.

Seeing all of them makes me miss dancing so much. So badly that I wanted to go back and do it once again. The moves…the grooves. Lovely. I miss my days. It’s not too late I guess. Dancing is my passion. I can’t wait to find my track back.


Our Darling Sari finally took off for her new life in Michigan. She’ll be studying Urban Design. I admire her for that. With such a strong willed woman like her, no doubt she’ll ace it.

 Jokes apart, I am starting to miss her already. We all do. The fun that she brought to that small cabin where we all just laugh our heart out.

Michigan…Oh Michigan. Bring home a white boy for me sassy.

Make sure that you will give us a buzz once you land back to Dubai. Keep in touch bitch……I am sure you will. Stay connected thru FB and my Blog…


The awkward dream. 3 days back when I was driving my way to the office, I suddenly remembered that I had a weird dream that morning. I was trying to remember it. When I did, I was laughing my head out.

I just had sex with somebody in my dreams. This time, it was a clear love lust making.

That was lustful. Really full of it. Of all the people that I can think of, why him?

I tried to recall every part of it and it started to become wild—–eeeer.

Oooolalalla… I was surprised to know that I had a little bit of excitement over there.


it was a dream....i just thought so


Charged to experience.

Wanna know who is the mystery guy????? I can’t……Definitely not from the Masseurs when I had a Moroccan bath last week.

Did I hear an echo?????

NO spilling for those who knew! It will never be good for the health.


It’s just sad. I have been informed that somebody is leaving us after Sari. It is sad because we are not talking about just 1 but 2. I have to zip my mouth until it is confirmed. But I am just sad to know that recession is finally hitting us. I wish my turn won’t be anytime soon.

I will keep you posted.

But for sure…that is going to be sad.

…….and Bill? It was really sad loosing such close friend. How can I explain what I just really felt. I was really saddened about it. How sudden?

It made me cry.


Gee- moving in with Sabby was fun. I am proud to say that I took part of this. She seemed to be very happy with her new nest. I just never thought that seeing all of her things piled up were as massive as China’s population. I finished my Thursday night with a big smile on mah face knowing that she is finally is good hands. lol 😉

Of course, prior to that, we had dinner at IBN Batutta Mall. I forgot the name of the resto. Gee, please remind me what was that.  It’s been a while since the last time we had this gathering. Not to mention, the gathering of bitch thoughts. Mean Mina and cuty allen joined us of course. It wasn’t part of the plan. But as always, things that aren’t planned occurred to be the best.


I almost lost B-DAZZLED. How atrocious is that?

A couple of days back, I was frightened, exhausted, devastated….all of it just ends with -ed.

I almost lost my wordpress account password. I thought I tried everything. I just totally forgot what my password was. All I remember that it was my ex-boyfriend’s surname. One fine day and voilaaaaaaaa….it was not accepting my password input. I thought that was the end of my B-DAZZLED genre….

What saved my day was when I finally remembered the e-mail address that I have used to create this account. I have asked them to resend it to my email with a new one. I got chills. Then I got a new one and logged in. Crossed my fingers and……EUREKA. I got it back.

Oh boy! That was really close. Now I really have to start copying some of my write ups. They are valuable to me now.  I mean they have always been valuable to me. Specially after that close encounter. Thinking about it just really made me sad.

Thank God it’s all cool now.


Twitter and its influence. It’s been a while since the last time that I have had my thoughts published. I wish I can do it everyday. I wish I can blog everyday. I wish I can share with all of you what is running behind my head everyday. I wish I could. I would be very thrilled to do so. I just wish I could. There are tons of crap that is running my mind in the past few days. Twitter does make it easy for me.

Every time I drive…..

before I sleep.

The moment I wake up.

I just thank God I am still alive. I just thank God that I am surrounded by such wonderful family and friends. Truly exceptional. I really couldn’t ask for more.

I told myself that at the age of 30, I will be a millionaire. I am turning 27 this November. That remains to be my humble plan. You bet I will still be.


A Sad Sunset once again. I always feel sad every time Saturday ends. It feels like I am melting…..thinking that tomorrow is a Sunday. Work and slog my butt out once again. Feeling lazy day by day. I wish I could crack a break soon. That would be awesome.

I love my work. I really do. I just felt something is missing.

What do you think it is?

A boyfriend? Nahhhhhh…..Passed that…

I say “Pass” once again.


I happen to hold one of the most valuable item on earth that even the most expensive auction houses doesn’t have. Behold….the renowned “love can”.

I have it safe

I have it safe



I love you all. I will always do.

Keep readin’



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