Miss Japan Universe 2009’s lustrous outfit

Miss Universe Japan Emiri Miyasaka will be wearing a modern, fashionable adaptation of the traditional Japanese Kimono during the costume competition portion of the pageant. According to Ines Ligron, her director, it took 7 designers to execute the costume. It was directed by Yoshiyuki Ogata, the designer of the red samurai costume which won best national costume with Kurara Chibana in 2006.

Loveeeeee it….it’s so poossssshhh!!!

Photo credits: Global Beauties www.globalbeauties.com



So You Think You Can Dance RECAP

jason and janette

jason and janette

Grapes are really sour.

Call me whatever you want to call me. I just don’t care. How in the world could Janette Manrara be out of the So You Can Dance Competition? Grrrrrrr… Adam Lambert days are back.

I was just devastated. In pain and in deep sorrow.

My front runner is gone. I meant gone in the competition.

In all fairness to Ade and Melissa’s piece…..it was really stunning. I have mad love and praise to all the Cancer fighters and survivors all over the world. But I guess the routine was just over rated that I think the voters were just crazy about it and just voted and voted and voted and voted endless for them. It was really a wrong choice for me. I don’t care about who’s left….but loosing her was just a big surprise. The same feeling I had during the time that Rustom Padilla confessed that he is gay.

Janette is an awesome dancer. Probably the best dancer that I have seen so far. Nigel was right. She could have aced and topped the competition.

Are you kiddin’ me?

6208_106171799303_9748634303_1960964_2882475_n copy

I’m just mad you know.

Now Brandon is the only chance and hope I have. Let us finish this and concentrate on the Miss Universe forecast. I’ll make sure I won’t miss this year’s winner.

The consolation: I was just reading Adam Shankman’s twitter and at least this bastard made me laugh. I like and adore Adam. Well….most likely all Adams.

It somehow put a rainbow to the mediocre hell that I have passed a while ago.

On Friday 24th July 2009, @adammshankman said:

As for Janette, she’s on tour!!! Not dead !! lol. Mias comment really could have swayed people to vote to save their other faves. It’s the SYTYCD version of chris daughtry!

I have really not gone through the elimination show properly because Gee just called me and gave me the shocking message. It was really a good spill Gee. Gonna hate you for that beatch……Sweet revenge up-next.

Going back. I missed Katie Holmes performance. Well, I knew there is something wrong because of Nigel’s sizzling comments via twitter against people who are saying anything bad for the Katie. I’ll probably watch it tomorrow….as for now…I need a sleep and dream that Janette won.

Love me more


Miss Universe 2009 performers

heidi_montag_bikini_bigbreastsHeidi Montag is heading back to NBC.

The “Hills” blonde, who doubles as an aspiring pop star, will perform during the 2009 Miss Universe Pageant telecast next month, Access Hollywood can exclusively reveal.

Heidi treated fans to snippets of her singing while in the Costa Rican jungle earlier this summer on “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!” and viewers of the Miss Universe Pageant will get to check out what Heidi sounds like on the big stage on August 23.

Heidi will perform the song “Turn Ya Head” off her debut album, “Unleashed,” which came out in July.

Other stars who are set to take the stage at the pageant, which will be co-hosted by Access‘ own Billy Bush and “Celebrity Apprentice” star Claudia Jordan, include Flo Rida, Kelly Rowland and dance kingpin David Guetta.

Flo Rida will perform “Right Round” and “Jump” as a two-song medley during the pageant’s swimsuit competition.

Kelly and David will perform the song, “When Love Takes Over” together during the evening gown portion of competition.

The Miss Universe 2009 Pageant airs August 23 at 9 PM on NBC.

Lovely in Leopard

Valerie’s feeling Lovely in her new Leopard inspired bed…..She doesn’t want to move out from it. 😉 She loves it so much! My sister got it from Daizo for an affordable price of 30 bucks. She was excited to use and in fact….she is asleep now.

Blackberry Trouble?

Users reject etisalat story on BlackBerry trouble
By Abbas Al Lawati, Staff Reporter
Published: July 14, 2009, 22:50



I got this through email from our one of our IT specialist. True or just another hoax?

Dubai: Etisalat’s explanation for problems experienced by BlackBerry subscribers in the UAE after a “performance enhancing” patch was downloaded is “far from the reality of the situation,” said the IT expert who first discovered the glitch. A patch issued by the telecommunication company for BlackBerry users last week caused many subscribers to experience severe battery drainage and heating of their devices. Doha-based computer programmer Nigel Gourlay had claimed the drainage was caused by hidden software in the patch that intercepted the user’s communication.

After a few days of silence and growing frustration among its subscribers, etisalat issued a statement earlier on Wednesday, saying the patch had created a “slight technical fault”. It added that: “These upgrades were required for service enhancements particularly for issues related to the handover between 2G to 3G network coverage areas.” Louie H, the man who discovered the fault and posted it on the official BlackBerry forum, told Gulf News: “This statement from etisalat is in no way related to the issue. Programmers have seen the code for this patch and have confirmed it is designed to send information back to etisalat.”

He also questioned etisalat’s need to push a network upgrade on end users, saying such updates would not be done on the users’ devices.

“These phones, like etisalat, use industry standards. This implies that there was something wrong with all the BlackBerry devices the patch was sent to,” he added.

The statement issued by etisalat has also raised eyebrows among BlackBerry users who were under the impression that etisalat had already been using 3G networks for its BlackBerry subscribers, as it had advertised. Etisalat said only a minority of its 145,000 BlackBerry users were affected by the patch, and that only 300 complaints were registered by its call centre. Gulf News  alone received 239 complaints about the issue since running an article on the troublesome patch on July 13.

Many of the complaints cited either a lack of response from etisalat’s customer support lines, or a lack of awareness of the glitch among customer support agents.

The statement from etisalat asks customers to continue calling the support line at 101, which would “resolve the issue completely”. It did not elaborate on how the issue would be resolved. A number of BlackBerry users have complained that etisalat is citing a “wiping” or formatting of the phone as a solution, which leads to complete data loss. Users of social networking site Twitter also expressed their frustration with etisalat and rejected its justification of the battery troubles they faced. A number of them questioned why etisalat had sent 3G updates, as the operator claimed, to phones that are not 3G capable.

Gulf News  readers also doubted the credibility of etisalat’s justification. Anees, a resident of Dubai, said he did not think its customers would trust any patches the operator sends in the future.

A reader by the name of Coolio said: “BlackBerry devices in the whole world have no issues handing over from 3G to 2G and vice versa, except in the UAE? No BlackBerry in the world requires the patch [except] Etisalat?”

Amin, from Dubai, said he would have liked to call etisalat to resolve the problem, as suggested by the operator “if only they would answer”.

Rob, also in Dubai, said: “Who believes this? The issue has been investigated by several experts and all claim it is software so that Etisalat can monitor the BlackBerry traffic”.

A twitter user in the UAE, upon receiving a text message, wrote: “Were you trying to apologise for spying on me etisalat? You should know I can’t read Arabic text messages.”

Repeated attempts to obtain a clarification of the statement from etisalat failed.

Research in Motion, BlackBerry’s parent company, also did not respond.

The Best of So You Think You Can Dance – SEASON 5

 The Janette Manrara and Brandon Bryant nerve racking Disco Routine. If I were Janette during the rehearsals, I would not just cry, I’ll die with that tempo.

I just love this and I’m gonna love this forever.

So You Think You Can Dance RECAP

It was a B-dazzling night as So You Think You Can Dance top 10 dancers hit the stage.


Let us start with the performance night  last Wednesday. The opening was graced with a Bollywood routine kick-off. I always loved to see such colorful costumes and still dreaming that one day, I will be able to perform the same routine. The circle of five ladies has proven that they all deserved to be part of the limelight. Bolly-woooooow.

Let us talk about the new pairing.

Seriously, I was not quite happy about it. Though I already predicted some, like Janette and Ade as well as  Melissa and Brandon, I just didn’t expect that it was unanimous that they would look good when they finally perform.

I still stand with my bets Janette and Brandon. Janette just proved to me that she was a first class dancer. For a latina salsa dancer, she definitely grew from a seed blossomed and struggled to become a fruit. I really don’t know where this young lady is getting all these hidden moves. I looooooove it. I just looooooove it. It was talent. Her personality stands out from everybody. I have a great feeling that she is going to be a top contender for this season’s America’s most favorite dancer.

With Janette’s personality, I don’t think it was difficult for Ade to blend. They were an exceptional couple while the rest seems to have a gloomy day. Brandon and Melissa’s pairing has just gone way overboard. Both of them were too good that you can’t figure out who can stand out more. I felt bad for Brandon. Having said that, I don’t think it changes the fact that they were both outstanding.

Jeanine and Jason’s performance was a main highlight. It was Travis Wall’s first choreography. For a first, it was just remarkable while being so vocal to Debbie Allen that he was shakingly nervous about the outcome of the performance. Jeanine and Jason gave justice to Travis’ debut and it wined up with a sparkling performance. I suddenly liked Jeanine. She graced the stage with such perfection and elegance. And oooooh! Jason…..my undies just dropped!

The judges was delighted with the performance and gave both of them a standing ovation.


The second night. Everybody was excited about the results.

The show opened with a spectacular Japanese-influenced performance choreographed by Wade and Amanda Robson. Everybody was lovely in their costumes. We’ll go as far as to say it was an instant classic, thanks to the combination of moves, makeup, set decoration, lighting and music.

The other big number was the Black Eyed Peas performing “I Gotta Feeling.”  Confetti and more confettis. It felt like American Idol finals.


The results were revealed. Melissa and Ade who were a surprise for me specifically Melissa. She is just a wordclass performance. It was sad that they were both included in the bottom 2.

Randi and Kupono

Randi and Kupono

It was a happy goodbye to Kupono Aweau and Randi Evans. A competiton this tight would definitely sacrifice 2 good dancers like them. They will entice us again as they will both become part of this year’s So You Think You Can Dance tour. Well, the competition is getting tougher and tougher as we get closer to the finals. In my honest opinion, Kupono and Randi were the weakest link in Wednesday’s performance night. Having someone got eliminated at this stage where everyone just stands out……Damn. I have to say, at least America got it right. 



Article courtesy of www.fox.com

So You Think You Can Dance may have been snubbed in the Reality-Competition Program category for the 61st Annual Emmys, but SYTYCD overwhelmed the Outstanding Choreography category, snagging four of the six nomination slots. (Not forgetting, of course, that SYTYCD picked up a coveted Tater Top Award for Best Reality Competition.)

To celebrate, we’ve pulled together video clips of all the nominated dances. We get to salute the show we love, and it’s an excuse to rewatch Tabitha and Napoleon D’Umo’s Emmy-nominated choreography for “Bleeding Love,” as danced by Chelsie Hightower and Mark Kanemura.

Contemporary bet Mia Michaels has scored a second nomination this year. She won in 2007 for “Calling You,” aka the park-bench dance with Travis Wall and Heidi Groskreutz. This time, season-four runners-up Stephen “Twitch” Boss and Katee Shean had us begging for “Mercy” with their “door dance.”

Here are the nominated routines

Broadway king Tyce Diorio was also nominated for his contemporary piece “Adam and Eve,” performed by Jessica King and William Wingfield. Even SYTYCD season-two alum Dmitry Chaplin managed a nom for his Argentine tango, “A Los Amigos,” danced by season-four winner Joshua Allen and Chelsie Hightower.



The Pearl that B had

Good day to all sizzling B-DAZZLERS.

Until now, I cannot help myself but remember the hideous scene in the hotel yesterday evening. Relax, it has nothing to do with murdering somebody. I call that story…”A one of a kind encounter with the Bidet”.

I just came back from my scheduled site visit. As expected, the heat has tortured me like anything. I really can’t remember something which is as bad as this heat. It was no fun at all. If I have to appeal to Mother Nature, I would definitely be very willing to get my hands cut off just to get rid of that freakin’ heat. It was really that bad. It was worst than you can ever envision. All UAE and the rest of GCC expatriates would definitely understand my ancs.

DESTINATION: The Pearl, The Most Glamorous Address in the Middle East.

Just Outstanding

Just Outstanding

Who could visit such glamorous place but the glamorous B herself?

After seeing Dubai Marina, Madinat Jumeirah and Souq Al Bahar…..I thought I have seen enough. I didn’t. Just to give you a brief idea about the Pearl development….here it is…

The Pearl-Qatar in Doha, Qatar is an artificial island spanning nearly four million square meters. When completed it will be the first land in Qatar to be available for freehold ownership by foreign nationals. Once completed The Pearl will create over 32 kilometers of new coastline, for use as a residential estate with an expected 15,000 dwellings by 2010. Developed by United Development Company (UDC) and master planned by architecture and design firm Callison, the island is located 350 meters offshore of Doha’s West Bay Lagoon area.

Residential development on the island is intended to incorporate various national and international themes including aspects of Arabic, Mediterranean and European culture. Commercial and educational facilities are also planned to support the various residential precincts.

Visitors can now get a first look at phase one of The Pearl – Qatar, Porto Arabia. The first five parcels of Porto Arabia, the first three bays developed on The Pearl – Qatar are now complete. The name “The Pearl” was chosen because the island will be built on one of Qatar’s previous major pearl diving sites. Qatar was one of the major pearl traders of Asia before the Japanese introduced cheaper more affordable pearls just before Qatar’s oil boom. The Pearl Qatar will help represent Qatar’s rich past in the pearl industry. Once completed The Pearl will represent a string of pearls.

There will be over 13 islands when finished. The largest of the islands will feature a large range of luxury villas, apartments, three 5 star hotels and over two million square meters of international retail, restaurants, cafes and entertainment. Eight other private islands will be for sale to private owners with the opportunity to build whatever they may desire.

I was accompanied by this cute Tenant Coordinator. His name is Johan Muller. He is a total package, one hell of a gentleman. He is from South Africa. He is a hottie papa. He is a fox, in short. Maybe you all think that I find everyone other men very hot without exception……trust me. Johan is a piece of meal. We call ourselves in first name basis. Cute.  But seriously, that guy is soooooooooo accommodating. He escorted me during my entire site visit. With the heat, I am so glad that I was sharing it with him. 🙂 Of course, my heart melted. When I went back to the car and sat next to him while he was driving….I noticed that the skin below his eyes was turning into blue. It was in a shimmering shade.

Was he blushing because of my presence? Lovely!

Thanks Johan. Till we meet again.

The place in General: My mouth was shut when I saw the place. The development was enormous. I felt like I was a small ant roaming around a big space of wilderness. I never imagined that Qatar would invest such property which is as splendid as “The Pearl”. It was truly a pearl in the making.


I was glad to see that majority of the workers are all Kabayans. Just like me, they were all distressed from the vindictiveness of the sun’s heat. They were all staring at me…..Duh! I told myself. Hello…… I was not the reason why the earth is so hot.  I maybe hoooottt….like I knew it already.

If you remember the color of my hair…you would understand why all of them are gazing at me. But it is ok. I am getting used to it…..I meant the fame that I am grasping right now. For the mere fact that I was a born Celebrity…being noticed by commoners is not a new thing at all. Hahahahahha… 🙂 How I wish those words that are coming out from my mouth were all true. Forgive me…..I am just hallucinating. But seriously….the glitz and the glamour is my cup of tea….Ooooops…Again.



Overall, the place was indeed a paradise. I am well delighted to see it when it is all done which I think is 3 years from now. Spending a day with such one-of-a-kind place would be one of the most tremendous encounters of my life. I certainly feel that Qatar is going to be the next Dubai. I just feel so and I know that we are just talking about a minimal span of years from now.

My trip was all worth it. It was a spectacular experience. I would love to be back soon!


I am excited to be back in Dubai. My flight is at 6:00 in the evening. I will be home soon. Maybe by 11:00 in the night, I will be landing in Dubai with a big smile in my face. I will be back with the normal days. It is going to be a long weekend.

Advance happy weekend everyone. Enjoy the long holidays since it is very infrequent to happen.

My heart is all yours. My Love too.

Keep Shinin’




Qatar is an Arab emirate in the Middle East, occupying the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeasterly coast of the larger Arabian Peninsula. It is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the south; otherwise the Persian Gulf surrounds the state. An oil-rich nation, Qatar has the second highest GDP per capital in the world.

A pleasant evening to ALL  B-dazzlerz all over the world. I am assuming I have readers from the different parts of the globe. Believe me, my site will become phenomenal soon. I was thinking of posting my own porn videos…….that would really be a very good content to achieve my traffic aims.

Yesterday was a stressful day for me. Stressful: A habituated word. A very very worn out word.  I just thought that I will have at least time to breathe normally since V is outside the country hopping in and out of Egypt. That was just a thought. I was wrong.

Yesterday was gruesome.

Yesterday was hectic.

Yesterday was freakin’ unreal.

Yesterday…somebody killed that siomai in Gee’s table. 😉 The Who?

I have to finish all my list of things to do before I pack my bags up and prepare for my business trip in Doha. Sometimes, when there are tons of things lined up, you really cannot think so much of what lies next the day after. Luckily, I was able to survive. Thank God Celest is there. She is such an angel. She can be devil sometimes. Kiddin… 😉 She is my current back bone. Without her, I don’t even think I can accomplish as many things as possible. It was really bizzare.

How I wish I can stop grumbling about work and just concentrate on it. I would have accomplished more. 😉 Sometimes, it is just really really tiring.

After all the busy schedule. After all the stressful day. Behind my back is the crave for So You Think You Can Dance marathon. I am excited to know who will be axed and who remains to be the toughest among the rest. I didn’t have the time to check the system and download the latest episodes because I need to start packing my things and be ready for tomorrow’s itinerary.

When I went home, as usual, my mom packed all my things and kept in ready. That saved some of my time. I thought it is going to be a very tedious packing…..and cramming. That’s the advantage of mom being here. She just makes my life so easy. I am just thinking what my life could be if she isn’t there. 😦 That would be horrifying. I don’t even have the proper time to cut my nails………my mom does it for me. What a spoiled beatch? I knooooowwww…..

I always thank life….for having my Mom and my Sister supporting me all the way. My life in Dubai without them? I  would have been dead by now. My brother-in-law was an addition. A great addition. My sister is so lucky to have him. Same as my brother-in-law towards my sister. That guy is freakin….down to earth. He takes care of my lovely daughter Valerie much as I do. That’s why even sometimes, I am confident that even if I am out of town…she will never be left out and starved…. 😉 which I actually do sometimes.

In the evening time, I have promised Marie that I will accompany her in setting up her Soil Investigation business in Dubai. I have to set up her Internet connection, her newly bought fax machine and scanner  while I also gear up in preparing her website. It is just so cool being back with the old days. I will post the details of the website as I am currently constructing it. I saw the warehouse that she has rented and it was fantabulous. It was huge. I am glad that I have helped her in my own little ways. I was also getting tips from her on how she has struggled to open the business since Mean Mina, Gee and myself are also planning to set up one. A funeral parlor in Dubai…….(just for laughs) it won’t be feasible here. People use cloths to wine up dead bodies….not coffins.

Crossing fingers that it would happen soon.

She drove me back home at around 1:00 in the morning. What was running in my mind was the fact that I have to catch a quick sleep. I don’t want a drama in the morning that the plane left me because I was left sleeping in the airport waiting for the plane to start boarding….Haha. That would really be so funny.


It was the day after.

I have to wake up as early as 4:00 am to take a bath, have a final run down on my belongings and move my ass out. I was lucky to get a flight on my selected date. Unfortunately, I have to travel via Etihad Airways. I have to be in Sheikh Zayed road pick up point at 6:00 a.m. to catch the bus which will send me to Abu Dhabi airport and fly from there. I really don’t have much of a choice. I did the f*ckin procedure and went ahead.

I was surprised about Etihad airway’s shuttle bus. It was very unique. The interiors has got the same interiors of a plane. The moment I sat on it…I felt that I was already in a plane. It was a first for me to see it. It was lovely and elegant. I really didn’t care much as we started travelling……I slept till we reached the Abu Dhabi Airport.

I was escorted to the check in counter. The kabayans over the counter werevery very very very accommodating. Her name was Marian…..and there was this guy Jose also. Hats off to them. They have got class A hospitality with passengers. Not for the mere fact that I got a special treatment because they are kabayans……nope….not at all. They are just good bunch of ground attendants. They even reserved a comfort seat for me. How fun is that?

I felt like a princesss……Chennnnnaannggg….With winks and stars surrounding me.

To Etihad Airways Management. Kudos to all of you guys………It was really fun flying with such aircraft. Next time…whenI decide to travel back home…Etihad airways will be one of my top options…Good job guys. I was really impressed.

Of course…then I waited for the plane to take off while I watched 40 days and 40 nights in my Ipod…It’s fun to see it again. Loved the hard dick scene of it. hahahaha…..

I landed in Doha at 10:30 a.m. Dubai time. It was also 10:30 a.m. in Doha. Merely an hour time difference. Doha’s heat was more painful that what we had in Dubai. The sun was screaming in heat………Grrrrrr…I was sweating endless….Gee…this is all because of you. You cursed me remeber? 😉

Then the normal work mode happened. Met the doha managers. Discussed the prospected projects. Sent some mails. Took a small break. Back to work…..and blah blah blah….Then finally I was sent to the hotel where I am supposed to stay. I never remember names….that’s why again…while even writing this…I really cannot go out and find the hotel’s name. I feel lazy.

FUNNY STORY: Please follow me on twitter and find out what happened yesterday when I went back to the hotel after I had dinner. It was reallllly eeew and growwwws. http://www.twitter.com/bengwic or follow me on my twitter updates on my site’s side panel.

F*ckin Bidets……I hate it. 🙂 It was really embarrassing.

I was in a hurry for this publish…….because I am really hell tired….I need to grab a long sleep since tomorrow will be a long trip to Pearl Qatar. I hate the heat. I really hate the heat. I really do. It is scourging……It is crazy heat out there. I really feel so tired when I am exposed to the heat outside. It drains….90% of my energy.

Again…..I don’t have a choice. But I love my job…..I just don’t love what’s around it.


The Bet.

It is Miss Universe time once again folks and on August 5, 2009, the most prestigious beauty pageant in the universe will finally kick off, as 82 young ladies fight for their right to be named as the prettiest face on earth. Last year, my early favorite Taliana Vargas of Colombia, emerged as (Venezuela’s own) Dayana Mendoza’s runner up in last year’s competition. Dayana secured the spot with flying colors. Too bad Taliana broke her confidence in the final question wherein Dayana was a complete opposite.

I have not decided yet whether I will watch in live in the beautiful island of The Bahamas….or skip it and just enjoy watching it with my fanatic friends. I guess that would be more fun….the giggles, you know.

This year. My Miss Universe 2009 coverage will have a different twist. Mean Mina, Ed, Lem, Mich (0r even Sonia) will face the biggest challenge of their life as we all give our predictions on who’s going to be hailed as this year’s Most Beautiful Bitch in the Universe. What’s at stake? Whoever gets a closest spot from the eventual winner…..or if their bet will emerged as this years winner…… will have a remarkable price which needs to be decided still…. (a dildo i guess)

I am so ready for that. (cocky ass)

Let the games begin and let them learn their lesson…. 😉 THE GAME IS ON BEATCHES!

I still stand on my predictions. Ada will nail this year’s league. However, I just saw Karla Carillo’s profile (Miss Mexico Universe 2009) and I was surprised to miss her charming beauty in my list. She will also be in the finalist. That’s a sure guess but I am afraid she is not beautiful enough to be this year’s quuueeeeen… Well I am the queen!


Love it……finally its the final run down once again as I finish another chapter of B’s crazy life. Continue to get mesmerized…and




I just finished watching Sex and the City. If I knew that it was that good, I would have watched it centuries ago.

Lesson learned? : You will never see what’s coming not until you move your butt out and see what’s beyond those white curtains.

Now I looooooove Sarah Jessica Parker.

A toast to 1 year of bitchin……and more to come.

A toast to another 365 days.

A toast to YOU!

I love you all.


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