Outraging yesterday

Yesterday’s scene was terrible…

My entire Ecco shop in Bawadi Mall ceiling collapsed. How cool is that?

Damn….the place was a total wreck. It looked like a strong tornado hit the shop. Totally in a very bad shape.

Awful that I have to drive to Al-Ain to see it and make a report.

Back to zero.

But the flavor there is…what’s going on between me and my alleged suitor…You will find out more details soon as I believe I will be re-assigned in Al Ain again. 😉 Yipeeey!

I remember, I was just chatting with Gee and Mean Mina a couple of weeks back when they asked me….what if Al Ain Project is over…what will you do? You can’t be there anymore. I told them….I will destroy Ecco and redo it.

Coincidence? De-javu De-javu De-javu

It’s the battle of the right feet again tonight for So You Think You Can Dance performance night.

Go Janette and Karla.

I can’t waiiiiiiiiiit.

So long folks.



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