Simple yet I was moved

So let’s take a break from a stressful week and a day full of surpiZes.

Let me insert by telling everyone that I have a new intimate relationship blooming  (and still growing) with a Security Guard. I meant Head Security Guard. Puhhleease….no further questions ladies and gentlemen.

I was in Dubai Mall this evening. Watching the “starting to become boring” Dubai Mall’s fountain. I just wanted my mom to see it as she was crying like a bayyyybbbbyyy and tells me that she wants to see it too. Of course, that happened after I ditched Gee in her Birthday party. Even if I was not invited, I am sure that she would loved to see me there. I changed my mind and just decided to attend the post celebration. In that, she would celebrate its extent with her hubby dubby Sabby.

You know that I have mad love for you.  Happy Birthday darling……..You know I always wish all the best for you. I can see it…..all of the best has indeed showered upon you….and I am so freakin’ happy to have witnessed that.

You will go far baby. I know. Just stay as who you are. As bitch as possible. We love you…and always remember that.


This move just made me felt love once again. It was simple yet I was moved. And ugggghhhh… Ross Thomas?? I would kill 7 million Pandas just to sleep with him. He is such a fox! And what a f*ckin bottom men….. Gee, Mean Mina…if you have not seen this…you better should!

I loved it…I loved it….I loved it…It was corny. That’s what made me love it.

Hopeless romanticssssss….raise your big hands out there and reach out for me.

It was worth wasting my time. It was immaculate. It was ugggggghhhh….what more can I say doug…

Happy weekend everyone. It’s been a week. It’s been a roller coaster week.

Sandeep – My sympathy is with you. Nail that in mind.

It’s So You Think You Can Dance again baby.

It’s the first time that I looked forward for Sunday. Wonder why? Wonder more! Woooohhhh!!!!



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