All About HER

11:50 P.M. —–just another TEN minutes before the day gets over.

This is a toast to one of the closest person in my life. My confidante, a dear friend and my biggest pillar as I slog my butt out here in Dubai.

Happy Birthday Gee.

I don’t want the whole world to know how old are you but I’ll give a damn clue for sure….after all, 32 years has always been a bumpy ride. Cheers. 😉

Kiddin here. She just turned 18. As she was claiming….which is like a “YOU DECIDE” moment for all you guys….


Feelin sexy!

I am privileged to have a blog wherein I can really pour my thoughts out……….I have the right to say it all, and this can be the best opportunity of telling her everything that I wanted to say. It may not comprise of everything, but at least she knows that she is valued.  The Drama….ughhhh….as I keep on saying. The cornier, the better. Here’s a rundown.

Just a couple of facts.


Gee and B

How did we meet? It was my first day at work. Gee was actually the first person who approached me when I first stepped in that horrible den. I remember,  she was wearing her dark colored shades as she approaches the reception to register. Days after….I started doing the same too as I became officially part of the family (at least a few selected ones)

I keep on telling her about this, but I always thought that she wasn’t the same origin as mine. I always thought that she was from the carribean. I thought so. Not until she started to utter the words “sumusuba kaba?” over lunch. I thought I overheard something else and instead “chumuchupa kaba?” was the question. I would have immediately said YES. It was funny and ironic. Now, she knows that it was no doubt,  my expertise. She even got a tutorial from me. Relax….the demo wasn’t done in actuals.

Then she asked me again. What she meant is  if I do smoke.

Yes indeed. That time I was a Malboro addict while she is was an Esse fan. Well, not much of a difference right now. I am still a Malboro addict while she remains to be an Esse chain sucker…..Oooppss…Sorry Gee…You know for the fact the B-dazzled’s primary aim is to be as honest as possible. Just pullin your leg Sabby. She already quit smokin’ …(my nose…damn…’s becoming longer.)

The rest are all history. All were moments to look back. Gee, Myself, Mean Mina, Elle and the former Spicey Gal Khymie got along together as fast as it could ever be.  

Though few of us were left to continue that pact……..We mimic all the possible characters that we can. We tagged the most influencial people in our office from A to Z. She and Mean Mina emerged to be the ultimate impersonators. I was just a runner up.

It was a complete merriment.

A good reason for me to extend my stay in the so called “Work Place” that was a really f*ckin torture. 4866 has always been a hotline for me. For sure, hers was 4859. 🙂 Special emergencies like 4893 (The Pantry) and 4984 tends to be the most in demand line. 4856 was the Ice Breaker for sure…there was never a time that I have not sent emails immediately right after I put the phone down for this number. OOOOOOHHH…cheezzy and fishy huh?

Growing up in this company was scary and losing friends you’ve made along the way can really be jolting. But I can’t outrun time, and everyone has to take the next step. She was there for it.

Gee was in her simpliest. A simple bitch like me. Maybe the reason that we got along together so easy was because we were both hopeless romantics.

We smile at the least things that you could ever imagine.

We laugh like there’s no tomorrow.

We  share common jokes. (Mean Mina of course was an addition…SPICE UP YOUR LIFE)

Lastly,  our patience were both as long as San Francisco Bridge. It can even be as high as Angel Falls. The metaphor was just endless. 

Being her friend was not difficult at all. It was even more difficult back then when I was taking up Algebra in my college days. Most people don’t know how good is she from the inside (as much as I hate to say that she also looks good from the outside—-LET’S PAT HER …its her birthday). Many can really misjudge her, but looks can really be deceiving. 😉 Harrrr Harrrrr…..Classy.

She is a great friend. I am certain about it. I never doubted if she is. That made our friendship stronger. I guess that’s why everybody loved her as well. (Except the other G). She is just very easy to go along with. I must say….. there was never a f*ckin dull moment with her..Never…..never.

Her dessert journey has never been so easy. I was a witness of that. It was never effortless as she finds the way and struggle just to become happy. Who doesn’t want to? She just made her own way of reaching there.  She was born for the bumpy ride that she knows she is heading to. She was like as a sea shell. Never been stronger inside…..but with outrageously vigorious exteriors.

I was there in her downest. I was there when she was towering. I was there when she almost gave up. I was there when she started believing again.

I admire her for that.

I admire her for staying strong.

I admire her as she never stopped believing that fairytales do conclude with such happy endings. She was such an inspiration.

I want to tell you these things. Perhaps someday I will tell you, but let someday….be today. I have never been happier now that you finally found your way to the real thing.  I hope you did and I know you will. Love has done good to you. You furbished like a diamond. You both in fact.


Gee on the right....the mascot on the left

I count myself among the luckiest souls in the universe for meeting you. Most friends do say the same thing. It just ends up on how they really meant it.  I will never hesitate to show more.

Thank you for being here for me. Whenever you feel that the shadows come, and you are feeling lost and lonely like no one cares at all, just look around you,

Because I will always be there. (This could definitely work if I’m already dead ;-)…… This is for you, my friend, whose advice and support never fail to come through for me. I will always do the same for you.

I know this may not be the best venue dear…..but let the whole world know.

We love you Gee. We always will.

This won’t be enough……thank God I found You!




  1. gee in the story said,

    July 5, 2009 at 9:06 am

    awwwh! you made me cry!
    Thanks a lot queen B! Thanks for everything!
    Its always FUN being a topic of ur blogs! and now its a whole entry about me!
    haylaveeet! ahahaa (star complex alert)
    anyways, im also glad that i found you on this side of the world.
    SHOEMART life wouldnt be this fun without u around…
    and hell yes youre right…im happy now!
    and im sooooo glad i made it thru the rain WITH YOU!
    thanks yolee…Love you as always!

  2. flash said,

    July 7, 2009 at 5:41 am


  3. meanmina said,

    July 9, 2009 at 2:11 pm

    Belated Happy Birthday Gee!
    Love the photos…. esp. the 1st one…. haha!…(wait baba ko muna ang bangkong buhat ko… mabigat e)

    Try to recall where we were a year ago…Waxy’s..the lights and the booze!
    Gee was full of uncertainties that night… not wanting to know what the next few days will bring.
    This year she had shawarma on her birthday…. and had 10x more fun than last year!

    We still have to get that Brandy and Coke Gee and Bee!

  4. B said,

    July 10, 2009 at 8:35 pm

    I know….it was really fun…
    Sometimes you really never realize that the one which happens to be the simpliest……are the most immaculate one!

    Last year was indeed far off way more different that this year.
    In so many instances like……. 😉

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