Good Night Dubai ——while we all say goodbye to Michael

jackson_0_0_0x0_350x576I know everyone is very busy watching the LIVE telecast of Michael Jackson’s memorial service in Staples Center…. It still feel sad and dismayed about it.

Few hours from now and MJ will finally leave us…… 😦 I know….

I just don’t want to see it.

Morbid it is.

I just want the same MJ to stay tattooed on my mind. The groove. The energy. His passion for dancing as well as singing. Everything about his music was unparalleled.

We will all miss you MJ.

The world has loved you and we will continue to love you more.

Rest in Peace brother. You all made us grew with you. We will remember. We will……

Sleep tight my baby as dear America cradles you…….

Damned indecision and cursed pride
Kept my love for him, locked deep inside
And it cuts like a knife
He’s out of my life


B 😦


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