So You Think You Can Dance RECAP

It was a B-dazzling night as So You Think You Can Dance top 10 dancers hit the stage.


Let us start with the performance night  last Wednesday. The opening was graced with a Bollywood routine kick-off. I always loved to see such colorful costumes and still dreaming that one day, I will be able to perform the same routine. The circle of five ladies has proven that they all deserved to be part of the limelight. Bolly-woooooow.

Let us talk about the new pairing.

Seriously, I was not quite happy about it. Though I already predicted some, like Janette and Ade as well as  Melissa and Brandon, I just didn’t expect that it was unanimous that they would look good when they finally perform.

I still stand with my bets Janette and Brandon. Janette just proved to me that she was a first class dancer. For a latina salsa dancer, she definitely grew from a seed blossomed and struggled to become a fruit. I really don’t know where this young lady is getting all these hidden moves. I looooooove it. I just looooooove it. It was talent. Her personality stands out from everybody. I have a great feeling that she is going to be a top contender for this season’s America’s most favorite dancer.

With Janette’s personality, I don’t think it was difficult for Ade to blend. They were an exceptional couple while the rest seems to have a gloomy day. Brandon and Melissa’s pairing has just gone way overboard. Both of them were too good that you can’t figure out who can stand out more. I felt bad for Brandon. Having said that, I don’t think it changes the fact that they were both outstanding.

Jeanine and Jason’s performance was a main highlight. It was Travis Wall’s first choreography. For a first, it was just remarkable while being so vocal to Debbie Allen that he was shakingly nervous about the outcome of the performance. Jeanine and Jason gave justice to Travis’ debut and it wined up with a sparkling performance. I suddenly liked Jeanine. She graced the stage with such perfection and elegance. And oooooh! Jason… undies just dropped!

The judges was delighted with the performance and gave both of them a standing ovation.


The second night. Everybody was excited about the results.

The show opened with a spectacular Japanese-influenced performance choreographed by Wade and Amanda Robson. Everybody was lovely in their costumes. We’ll go as far as to say it was an instant classic, thanks to the combination of moves, makeup, set decoration, lighting and music.

The other big number was the Black Eyed Peas performing “I Gotta Feeling.”  Confetti and more confettis. It felt like American Idol finals.


The results were revealed. Melissa and Ade who were a surprise for me specifically Melissa. She is just a wordclass performance. It was sad that they were both included in the bottom 2.

Randi and Kupono

Randi and Kupono

It was a happy goodbye to Kupono Aweau and Randi Evans. A competiton this tight would definitely sacrifice 2 good dancers like them. They will entice us again as they will both become part of this year’s So You Think You Can Dance tour. Well, the competition is getting tougher and tougher as we get closer to the finals. In my honest opinion, Kupono and Randi were the weakest link in Wednesday’s performance night. Having someone got eliminated at this stage where everyone just stands out……Damn. I have to say, at least America got it right. 



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So You Think You Can Dance may have been snubbed in the Reality-Competition Program category for the 61st Annual Emmys, but SYTYCD overwhelmed the Outstanding Choreography category, snagging four of the six nomination slots. (Not forgetting, of course, that SYTYCD picked up a coveted Tater Top Award for Best Reality Competition.)

To celebrate, we’ve pulled together video clips of all the nominated dances. We get to salute the show we love, and it’s an excuse to rewatch Tabitha and Napoleon D’Umo’s Emmy-nominated choreography for “Bleeding Love,” as danced by Chelsie Hightower and Mark Kanemura.

Contemporary bet Mia Michaels has scored a second nomination this year. She won in 2007 for “Calling You,” aka the park-bench dance with Travis Wall and Heidi Groskreutz. This time, season-four runners-up Stephen “Twitch” Boss and Katee Shean had us begging for “Mercy” with their “door dance.”

Here are the nominated routines

Broadway king Tyce Diorio was also nominated for his contemporary piece “Adam and Eve,” performed by Jessica King and William Wingfield. Even SYTYCD season-two alum Dmitry Chaplin managed a nom for his Argentine tango, “A Los Amigos,” danced by season-four winner Joshua Allen and Chelsie Hightower.




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