So You Think You Can Dance RECAP

jason and janette

jason and janette

Grapes are really sour.

Call me whatever you want to call me. I just don’t care. How in the world could Janette Manrara be out of the So You Can Dance Competition? Grrrrrrr… Adam Lambert days are back.

I was just devastated. In pain and in deep sorrow.

My front runner is gone. I meant gone in the competition.

In all fairness to Ade and Melissa’s piece… was really stunning. I have mad love and praise to all the Cancer fighters and survivors all over the world. But I guess the routine was just over rated that I think the voters were just crazy about it and just voted and voted and voted and voted endless for them. It was really a wrong choice for me. I don’t care about who’s left….but loosing her was just a big surprise. The same feeling I had during the time that Rustom Padilla confessed that he is gay.

Janette is an awesome dancer. Probably the best dancer that I have seen so far. Nigel was right. She could have aced and topped the competition.

Are you kiddin’ me?

6208_106171799303_9748634303_1960964_2882475_n copy

I’m just mad you know.

Now Brandon is the only chance and hope I have. Let us finish this and concentrate on the Miss Universe forecast. I’ll make sure I won’t miss this year’s winner.

The consolation: I was just reading Adam Shankman’s twitter and at least this bastard made me laugh. I like and adore Adam. Well….most likely all Adams.

It somehow put a rainbow to the mediocre hell that I have passed a while ago.

On Friday 24th July 2009, @adammshankman said:

As for Janette, she’s on tour!!! Not dead !! lol. Mias comment really could have swayed people to vote to save their other faves. It’s the SYTYCD version of chris daughtry!

I have really not gone through the elimination show properly because Gee just called me and gave me the shocking message. It was really a good spill Gee. Gonna hate you for that beatch……Sweet revenge up-next.

Going back. I missed Katie Holmes performance. Well, I knew there is something wrong because of Nigel’s sizzling comments via twitter against people who are saying anything bad for the Katie. I’ll probably watch it tomorrow….as for now…I need a sleep and dream that Janette won.

Love me more



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