The Miss Universe 2009 Stage


The seating chart is out and those who are buying tickets via for the Presentation Show and Final Telecast get the choice or choosing their own seats (or best available). Tickets are selling out fast for this major events.

The Imperial Ballroom at the Atlantis resort has been arranged to accomodate 3,652 seats according to this seating chart. A big stage promises a very spectacular telecast, since the NBC production crew knows how to create a big show. The event will be full of sunshine and the caribbean atmosphere typical of the 2,387 rocks, 661 cays and 29 islands of The Bahamas!

Photos courtesy of Global Beauties Blog and Miss Universe Org.
Visit their official websites :



1 Comment

  1. yollanda said,

    August 23, 2009 at 8:55 am

    totoo ba to? ito ba ung stage for m.u. this year? hindi cya maganda, prang awards night…… masyadong mlaki, sana hindi ito ang totoong stage ng m.u. this year. mas maganda pa ung stage last year….. ibahin sana nila. gwin sna nilang kakaiba s mga nkaraang stage pro wag namang sanang gani2….. pakingan nyo naman sna ung mga nagco2ment d2…. 😦

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