Diana Mendoza’s recent Blogs


Well…This Is It!
posted by Dayana Mendoza at 10:08am on 08/01/2009

Hi my beautiful people! Guess what? I’m going to miss you all 😦

This week I’ve had a lot of interviews and I have to say one of them was with Howard Stern, how cool? I had a lot of fun! I might even say it was the most fun interview I have ever done.
I have being trying to work out often and pack as fast as I can, because I don’t like doing it so I have to do it all so I can get it over with. However, tonight I realized that I packed too much, and now I just have a dress and a pair of pants to wear before I leave for the Bahamas, which, I guess, is ok…. by now I’m a professional at doing laundry!

This Saturday, I will be at JC Penney signing autographs and hanging out with everybody! It will be one of my last appearances as Miss Universe, which is so sad 😦

Sooooo!!!! Tomorrow will the new Miss Teen USA will arrive in New York and I will get to meet her! How exciting! I hope you guys watched the show as I did; I will let you know next week how my new roommate is.
I loooove you all!


My Last Trip as Miss Universe
posted by Dayana Mendoza at 08:25am on 06/29/2009

Sadly, I had my last International trip as Miss Universe to Romania this week, and it couldn’t have been better. It was the perfect place to close out this opportunity of a life-time. I was so excited about the language because I understood some of the things people were saying. Romanian has the same Latin roots and I figure it would be easy to learn but I had no idea how easy it was to understand! We went to the Miss Universe Romania pageant and I got to be a judge. I can totally say I was very impressed with the show, the music was amazing, the girls were all beautiful and they all did a great job. I visited different TV shows and in one of them I got to wear one of the typical dresses of the country and dance to the typical music, it was a lot of fun. I felt almost like a Romanian! I’m very happy with the opportunity I had to go to such an interesting country, and if I cross my fingers very, very tight, I might come back very soon :)!!!!


One More Week
posted by Dayana Mendoza at 02:07pm on 07/24/2009

Hi everyone!!! How funny? My reign as Miss Universe is about to come to an end! I’m so excited for the transition. Well, the big event this week (other than packing and hanging out) was flying to Italy only to come back home 3 hours later hahaha, crazy ah? I love it!

I also did some interviews this week. Everybody wants to ask the same question about my feelings now that my reign is ending, so I think, for now, I was able to get a lot of my emotions out. Just look me up on the internet if you are curious to know!

I must admit, I have been a little lazy with packing, I don’t like it you know… I did it a lot during this year and was able to get so many souvenirs and keepsakes from my adventures that I have way more to pack now than I had coming in.

I might be able to give you guys huge news by next week so stay tuned!


You have been a great queen Diana. This is definitely not the end of the road for you as I am very positive that you will go a long long way. Stay beautiful and down to earth. The Venezuela people should be very proud of you. You deserved all the blessing that you are having right now. Truly, your furbished like a gem. Till then. 😉


Special thanks to Miss Universe Org. for the details of Diana's Blogs

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