From a white sparkling swan to a transformed over-cooked cookie…..

miss-universe-japan-emiri-miyasaka copy6171_230180340555_727065555_8009562_441812_n copy 

Emiri Miyasaka, Miss Japan Universe 2009 arrives in Bahamas with a surprising uneven tan. Some people might find it refreshing in the eyes…but for me…it was overdone. Summer look gone very wrong.

But maybe I’ll love it later…maybe I’ll fancy it after some time.

Emiri still ranks my list. She could nail it…..She could for sure.

I love her guts…it just stands out like star….Japanese reps have always been like that….they offer great surprises…I wish we can find an Ines Ligron in the Philippines…that could definitely make tons of differences. We could have built a tira company by now….

At the end of the day, we always look forward for a queen with such overflowing personality and Emiri just possess this great factor.

A great contender. Thumbs up in advance. I hope that excessive sunlight exposure will become her lucky charm.

Good luck Emiri.

Another good product Ines.


1 Comment

  1. Mike Cruz said,

    August 4, 2009 at 2:03 am

    Poor Emiri, Ines made fun of you.I almost died laughing seeing your tanned!

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