Fresh as a Juice —-Miss U Gossips

– Miss Colombia declared that she is the winner and that the other girls should be happy with fighting for the 1st runner-up spot.

-USA is not well liked by most contestants.

-Miss Ukraine and Miss Romania have been nicknamed “Holly and Kendra” by the staff working with the girls.

-Venezuela is rooming with Ukraine, Mexico and Puerto Ricp; while Canada is rooming with Bolivia, and Colombia with Egypt.

-Miss Japan fell asleep in the tanning bed and arrived looking like an Oompa Loompa.

-The favorite of the organization is Miss Spain, who is extremely beautiful and seems like a girl easy to work with.

-It’s been the talk of the hotel that the judges have been instructed to NOT look for latinas. The MUO wants to explore other horizons.

-Peru and Bolivia do not talk to each other.

-Same happens with Israel who ignores Lebanon and Egypt.

-South Africa believes she can win and sees Dominican Republic and Spain as her competition.

-A couple of contestants have already been affected by the spicy caribbean food.

-The girls are not allowed to be “connected” while doing official activities and events but a bunch of them are constantly texting and twittering through their phones.

-Colombia declared that she is the winner and that the other girls should be happy with fighting for the 1st runner-up spot.

-Miss Bahamas has not been a very good of a host. She ignores most girls and keeps talking on the phone with her staff and stylists.

-A group of latinas make fun of Misses Turks and Caicos and Cyprus

-Mexico is constantly bitched at by Lupita Jones, who keeps calling and telling her she is doing everything wrong. Today, she was seen crying in the lobby.

-Miss Russia has a millionaire boyfriend who keeps calling her and making sure his “baby” is well taken care of. She will wear a $45,000 black Armani Prive gown for the finals, that will be brought by Vera Krasova, last year’s Miss Russia Universe.

-95% of the candidates have already reached the island of the Bahamas.

-The so-called divas are Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam which is not going well with the other candidates.

-It is mentioned that Ms. USA, Venezuela and Japan are being pampered and are comfortable in a spa and are called only when needed while the others have to wait in the sun.

-Ms. Puerto Rico arrived on Monday knowing all the names of the Latin contestants and calling all of them by name.

-One of the contestants from South America has halitosis (bad breath) and the other girls run when she comes near. It’s not Venezuela or Colombia.



-Another South American contestant speaks ill about Ms. Peru and a lot of the girls say that it is because she has a slamming body.

-Miss Peru has the best sense of humor making all the girls laugh.

-Miss Japan has such an unnatural tan that everyone says she is orange.

-Ms. Dominican Republic takes pictures with all the contestants, talks to everyone and is one of the tallest and the girls call her “the gentle giant” all with love.

-The interview video of all the girls should be ready by this week and it is mentioned as early as today, Tuesday.

-The Puerto Rican designer Carlos Alberto will be supervising the opening number as he is in charge of the opening dresses that all the contestants will be wearing.


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