JEANINEAfter 21.6 million votes, Miami native Jeanine Mason, 18, was named the winner of “So You Think You Can Dance” season five.Executive producer/judge Nigel Lythgoe said at 12:30 this morning he found out who the winner was and he was delighted.

Jeanine is an eighteen year old contemporary dancer from Pinecrest, Florida and a recent graduate of the Ransom Everglades School attending UCLA this Fall. She began her dance training in Ballet and Lyrical and then went on to study Jazz, Acrobatics, Hip Hop, Modern and Contemporary. From the top twenty to the top twelve she was partnered with Phillip. For top ten week Jeanine danced a contemporary number with Jason which received standing ovations, the judges said they see her emerging each week as a star, and tonight she was truly exceptional. She was then paired up with Brandon for top eight week where they danced a smooth waltz and a pop jazz routine again receiving positive critique. She was partnered with Ade for the top six week. After that, her success continued as she eventually captured america’s vote, emerging as season 5 America’s favorite dancer.

As such, Jeanine gets $250,000 cash and the title of “America’s Favorite Dancer.”

It was the largest vote in SYTYCD history.

Jeanine said she never expected she’d be giving an acceptance speech at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. “Thank you, Academy!”

She thanked her mother for pushing her to keep dancing as a child, even though she didn’t want to do it.

Taking second place was Brandon Bryant, 20, from Miami.

In third was crowd favorite (but only mediocre dancer) Evan Kasprzak, 22, from West Bloomfield, Mich.

Taking fourth was my favorite girl, “White Lightning” Kayla Radomski, 18, from Aurora, Colo.

Jeanine is the second woman to win “So You Think You Can Dance,” after Sabra Johnson in season three.

Nick Lazzarini won the first season in 2005. Benji Schwimmer won season two. Joshua Allen won season four last year.


During the finale, the panel of judges chose their favorite dances from the season so far, and the dancers performed them.

** Adam Shankman picked as his favorite dance of the season, the “Mad” Tabitha and Napoleon dance by Jeanine and Philip.

** Nigel Lythgoe picked the tango by Janette and Brandon.

** Debbie Allen picked the Louis van Amstel “Enya” waltz by Asuka and Vitolio.

** Mary Murphy picked the Travis Wall contemporary routine by Jeanine and Jason. (They kiss at the end again.)

** Mia Michaels picked the Kayla and Max samba from the first week.

** Debbie Allen picked as another favorite routine, the top 16 group dance to “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho).”

** Lil C picked the “Jai Ho” routine by Caitlin and Jason. (Jason is kissing everyone this season!)

** Adam Shankman picked as another favorite dance the Randi and Evan “butt” dance by Mia Michaels.

** Mary Murphy picked as another favorite the paso doble from last night by Jeanine and Brandon.

** Nigel Lythgoe picked as another favorite the addiction routine, which is my favorite routine of the season. Kayla and Kupono routine by Mia Michaels.

** Tyce Diorio picked as his favorite routine the disco by Brandon and Janette.

** Mia Michaels picked as another favorite routine the Tyce Diorio breast cancer routine. Tyce’s friend whom he choreographed this for learned this morning that she is cancer-free.


** Kherington Payne from last season returned to show off their new movie “Fame.” Comes out Sept. 25.

** Nigel introduced a Sonya Tayeh performance by Australia’s “So You Think You Can Dance” winner Talia Fowler. (She has a Jeanine-ness to her.)

** Rage Boyz Crew – young dancers returned.

** Top eight dancers do “A Chorus Line” routine and judges/choreographers get on stage too.

-----source: seacoastonline


  1. YehHaiLife said,

    August 7, 2009 at 6:45 am

    If you liked the “Jai Ho” dance number, check out for cool “Jai Ho” tshirts!

  2. Maria Ipa said,

    August 14, 2009 at 7:44 pm

    Jeanine was incredible!!! She made every partner she danced with look amazing! That last number she did with Evan; he never looked so good. She always looked like she was giving 100 percent. Brandon was also very good but Jeanine overall was just the best! Congrats!!

  3. AiméeG. said,

    December 27, 2009 at 10:14 am

    Kayla is my favourite, too. Like Mia said, she’s perfection. Kayla’s and Kupono’s addiction piece is also my favourite routine this season. I personally think that if this competition had been for America’s best dancer, instead of favourite dancer, Kayla and Brandon will definitely win the top places.

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