B’s one of kind favorite


I have not selected my official top 15 pick yet and it will be revealed soon. But while I was scrolling down my choices and going through the delegate’s swimsuit, glam shots, evening gowns and their interviews…. I was moved and touched by Miss China’s deliberation in which for me, became a complete stand out from the rest of the delegates. I have been hearing about the vid and I just can’t believe how pure the interview was, not until I saw it myself.

It was truly a great example that no matter how fluent you are in English, if it doesn’t come from the heart……it is going to be transparent ( I didn’t mean India for example). Miss China, Wang Jingyao was the complete opposite of what I meant.

Now, she is definitely part of my list.

Go Go Go China.

1 down and 14 more to go! Tough job here folks……

I thought she will only capture my attention because of her swimsuit pics…now I know that there is something more behind that bubbly gal out there.

She is my dark horse for this year.

Elegant in her own ways.

Truly amazing.


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