Miss Universe National Costume Presentation

The National Costume competition was held Monday evening at the Rainforest Theatre on Cable Beach, Bahamas. There were quite a number of fantastic costumes that graced the stage, making it very difficult for the judges. The task of choosing a winner in the costume competition fell to the President of the Senate, the Hon. Lynn Holowesko; the CEO of Mailboxes Etc. in the Bahamas and the Caribbean Mr. Gershin Major; Founder of the Bahamas International Film Festival Leslie Vanderpool; artist John Edward Cox; Junkanooer Kishlane O’brien; entrepreneur Elaine Pinder; and retail executive Rochelle Walker of Solomon’s Mines.

The Rainforest Theatre where the competition was held saw fans from around the world. The Philippines had a large contingent of supporters, as did Mexico. I also heard shouts of “Venezuela” and saw several international flags, including one for Sweden.

Some of the outstanding costumes came from:

· Angola, who wore a traditional dress showing scenes of everyday life in Angola
· Bahamas, whose costume depicted the sun that covers The Bahamas
· Bolivia, inspired by a dance of her country
· China, a dramatic warrior
· Colombia, a colorful traditional dress
· Czech Republic, a gown with a butterfly motif
· Ecuador, representing a bountiful harvest
· El Salvador
· India
· Jamaica
· Kosovo
· Mexico
· Namibia
· Nicaragua, which represented the fury of a volcano
· Panama, representing Diablo in pheasant feathers, glass and crystals
· Peru
· Philippines, a colorful twist to the traditional Filipiniana
· Thailand, a combination of the Thai Hill Tribe and traditional costume
· Ukraine
· Venezuela, an exquisite costume which reminded us of the film My Fair Lady

The costumes of both Miss Puerto Rico and Miss USA were sports themes. Miss Puerto Rico boxed her way across the stage while Miss USA revved up heartbeats with her Nascar costume. It was announced that the winner of the Costume Competition will be revealed on Wednesday. On Tuesday half of the contestants will be split into two groups and travel to the islands of Abaco and Harbour Island.

Catch some of the evening’s highlights as 84 delegates sashayed their costumes in front of zillion of viewers around the world.

Pictures will be updated regularly.  Share us your snaps as well. Send it to ilovebdazzled@gmail.com


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