I am a Miss Universe in my own little ways.

Written and published by B of B-DAZZLED

That’s just it. Becoming an avid fan and an avid viewer of Miss Universe is not a hobby. It has become my passion. It has become a task that I guess, I’ll just perish, if I miss any of it.

Miss Universe 1994

From Left: 1st runner up, Miss Colombia: Carolina Gomez ; Miss Universe 1994, Miss India: Shusmita Sen and 2nd runner up Miss Venezuela: Minorka Mercado

It was in the year 1994 when I started to become a follower of the most prestigious pageant in the world. You bet I remember all the winners back then. It was in the year 1994 when Miss Universe was held in our country. I got so excited. I felt like I was a part of it. I remember the days that I always wanted to look like Minorka Mercado of Venezuela or Kristelle Roelandts of Belgium.


Miss Belgium 1994: Kristelle Roelandts

During that time, Miss Universe was in its simplest. The gowns were astonishingly hideous while balloon gowns were a fab. It was more colorful, and what I loved so much (which is no longer part of the show) was the little princess segment. Cute little kids give each of the semi-finalists a rose as they all sashayed in their beautiful and elegant evening gowns. I was wondering if an idea of keeping it back was in the minds of the producers. That could have been worth keeping.

When I was still in the Philippines, Miss Universe always air early in the morning. I always wake up at 3 in the morning to clean the house, take a bath, ensure that my antenna is well and fixed (that’s one of the most important thing that I should not forget) while I sit back, relax and watch the pageant live. RPN 9, ABC 5 and ABS-CBN were among the TV stations who opted for the telecast rights. RPN’s reception has got the worst while you are lucky in you’re area if you will get it sharp through ABC 5. It was recently when ABS-CBN came back to bid for the rights until it was aired live last 1994 when it was held in the 7,107 islands.

Until then, Miss Universe has evolved its limits. Maybe because the production cost has become higher. The show has improved so much, each representative as well. But the improvements were not as good as what it is supposed to be. The contestants had become more like plastics. It is so freakin’ unreal. Plastic surgery has become like a hobby as majority of the contestants became part of the transformation that can happen in just a click of a finger.

That was not a general thing. Some has remained as natural as possible. People can see it.

I saw it.


Almost there: Miriam Quiambao and Mpule Kwelagobe after being hailed as Miss Universe 1999

Venezuela has become a powerhouse beauty. Osmel Sousa, the head of “House of Miss Venezuela” has become a renowned beauty expert in finding true beauties beyond expectation. We are talking about plastic beauties, Pardon me for saying that. But in the exact opposite, the Philippines had a complete drought. After successfully becoming part of the semi-finalist in 1994, It was only in the year 1999 when Miriam Quiambao almost made it to the finish line. Mpule Kwelagobe of Botswana became that year’s winner. I told my self…..we were almost there. All of us were just an inch away from the crown. I thought, after Gloria Diaz, I will become a witness of a one of a kind event in the history of the Philippines.

My favorite winner was Lara Dutta back in year 2000. She exudes class and beauty. She is so eloquent that even if I didn’t understood some of the things that she said (I meant it in a good way), she stunned me all through out.

She was a Beauty Queen in the making. Lara Dutta was the star that night.


The Stunning Lara Dutta: Miss Universe 2000

That was her night. She nailed it from the moment that she was named as one of the Semi-finalist. After that, she didn’t cease to get my attention.


Not so lucky that year: Miss Philippines 2000: Nina Ricci Alagao

On the other hand, on the same year, Nina Ricci Alagao became the Philippine’s representative. I cannot forget her interview wherein I almost believed that it was far off way better than Lara Dutta’s. She was phenomenal. Everybody was shocked when she failed to make it to the finals. Everybody even believed that if she made it, it was going to be a battle between her and Lara. According to some reliable sources, she became over confident that the judges found her a little cocky already. Gossip and drama……All I know was that she was intelligent and a lady with a talent that no one can ever top. It was just not the right time. It was not the time for her to shine. For me, it was a wrong year for her to compete.

Looking back all of those and 16 years after, I am still a follower; I am still an avid fan. I am starting to use my expertise as year by year, I feel like I am becoming good in predicting the winner.

It has always been a question of why majority of us gays love it. It is a no brainer question……we just simply want to become like one of them. A beautiful body, a beautiful face with class A intelligence. Who would not opt for the same? Since most of us were not able to experience it….we want to see it through others as they soar high in behalf of those who cannot.

This year, 84 beautiful ladies from the different parts of the world will once again, wow us, as they all compete for this year’s title of the Universe’s Most Beautiful woman.

With the beautiful island of the Bahamas, I am sure that this year’s winner would become a very intelligent choice.

It is just a couple of hours away, we will soon find out the newest addition to the continuous collection of Beauty, Body and Brains….


The inspiration: Gloria Diaz, Miss Universe 1969

If you can’t wait…..So do I.

As for Miss Philippine’s rep Bianca Manalo, she would definitely make us proud and keep the map back in its place. The whole world always knew that Filipinas are beautiful. Not even a single doubt about it. Bianca is an outstanding representative and if she fails to keep the crown back to where it belongs….she will still be as stunning as always. Beautiful not only from the outside but from the inside as well. I have high hopes for her. The stake is high….it’s the tag where all of us are world renowned….BEAUTY AND BRAINS!

Good luck to all the ladies and show the world that indeed, you all deserved to represent your country in the best way that it can be.

I am thrilled to become part of this worldwide phenomenon and I would never cease to do it all over again.

With love,



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