Miss Universe 2009 – B-DAZZLED’S Prediction List

Commentary by: B

Last year, my prediction almost hit the highest level of accuracy keeping Taliana Vargas on the top while my runner up in the list, Venezuela’s Dayana Mendoza finished as last year’s queen.

REWIND: Let us take a look back on my list last year here.

This year, you might find my choices a little weird while some might even find it odd. At some point maybe some of my choices are the same. Be it the same or not, we all have variety of choices. It was a difficult choice, especially if you are to handpick a batch of beautiful individuals. Some might find some beautiful, some might find some not.

Which is which?

I am delighted to share with you my top 15 delegates including my extended list. Compared to last year’s set up, I am going to start with my choice for semi finalist.

SEMI-FINALIST: Miss Russia, Sofia Rudieva


Vera’s performance last year has created a major impact on Sofia’s standing right now. Her reign as Miss Rusia 2009 has raised a lot of controversies and issues particularly her recent nude pictures circulating the World Wide Web. In the course of the Miss Universe pageant, bad publicity has always been the name of the game. The more controversial you are, the more you are talked about, the more you become noticed. As for Sofia, she resembles a modern doll. Beautiful face with rare execution. She makes her catwalk look so effortless. Russian delegates have always been beautiful. Oxana Federova for example……..gorgeous, articulate….classy!

SEMI-FINALIST: Miss France, Chloe Mortaud


I thought about this so many times. But every time I make the final run down of my list, Chloe always remind me of an outstanding lady. This fair complexioned delegate has become a worldwide subject as she tops majority of the betting odds. Chloe is a simple girl. Majority of her shots are effortless and one of a kind. France won the pageant 56 years ago and has made the semifinals several times since then. Up until then, France have not actually advanced to the final round. Chloe’s qualities will put her in a very easy track of advancing to the Top Five. I would be very devastated if she fails to make this year’s cut. But apparently, she didn’t impress me so much in order for me to put her in my top 5 list. I just hope I was wrong about her.

SEMI-FINALIST: Miss Belgium, Zeynep Sever


All talks about her made her become part of my list. She is not so beautiful compared with the rest of the outstanding delegates but she definitely has the “X” factor. In fact, it is more than that. Correct me if I am wrong but I am sure all of you noticed that as well. Zeynep has always been a front runner since day 1. Her chances are high and I know that she has high hopes too. I never liked Belgium since Kristelle in 1994. But this year…..not to notice her is frankly difficult.

SEMI-FINALIST:  Miss Puerto Rico, Mayra Matos

Puerto Rico

Plastic has always been beautiful. I am a big fan of the so called “plastic” ladies as well. If you have it….why not flaunt it.  Mayra was never an exception. Of all the plastic surgery “visibles” since Zuleyka Rivera, I believed she is blessed and been altered well. Mayra’s smile is simply captivating ( I just don’t know if even those teeth were also real). She could surprise us or not. I have a certain feeling that she can. Let us see. Mayra for the Gold. I can’t wait for the Philippine and Puerto Rican fans to be present during the coronation night. For sure, it is more than a jungle.

SEMI-FINALIST: Miss Venezuela, Stefanía Fernández


I made her one of the semi-finalist this year for the mere reason that the reigning Miss Universe title holder is from Venezuela. Besides, Dayana’s footstep is a tough one to follow. All this norms can change depending on her performance this coming coronation night….if she even reach that far. So far, her preliminary presentation didn’t shine me so much compared to Dayana’s last year.  Or maybe because our minds are all set for the possibility that it cannot be a back to back win. In this world, everything can change. She is the best example of a “dark horse”. Who knows, maybe this year, it can be twice in a row. Let me remind you that I have a very rough tongue.

SEMI-FINALIST: Miss Netherlands, Avalon-Chanel Weyzig


I’ll make this short. Avalon is beautiful but inconsistent. She can be this year’s queen but she really need to work hard and reach that point. Her face is flawless and noticeable. One word of advice…..FOCUS! The National Costume reminds me of the so called “manananggal”. Scary….I knew she tried to be fabulous for that dress but wasn’t good enough. In fact, it was not even close to being good.

SEMI-FINALIST: Miss Czech Republic, Iveta Lutovská

Czech Republic

Pretty old looking but again….fierce and beautiful. Iveta is a great example of elegance made simple. I was going through her glam pics, her evening gown and swimsuit. Having said that, this lass definitely deserves to become of my favorites. Last year, Czech Republic almost made it but delivered a quite boring performance during the coronation night…..Let us all cross fingers for her. She can be the most beautiful woman…..OR NOT!

SEMI-FINALIST: Miss Hungary, Zsuzsa Budai


Zsuzsa has never been noticed so far. I did. Beautiful body, Nice height, Glittering face….but with a horrendous evening gown. I hope she decides to change it….. if by any chance she makes it to the final cut. Unlike last year, Hungary’s inclusion to the top 15 has surprised me so much. This year…having her would be a great thing to watch out for.

SEMI-FINALIST: Miss Indonesia, Zivanna Letisha Siregar


Next to Bianca Manalo, Zivanna has become one of the greatest contenders among the Asian countries. She is beautiful. She is beautiful. She is beautiful. If I have to repeat it all over again, I will do so. I hope she realizes that and make her feel more confident.  She could surprise us. I hope she is bubbly and intelligent too.

SEMI-FINALIST: Miss South Africa, Tatum Keshwar

South Africa

I love her. Period. Tatum exudes elegance and beauty combined. Though her lips are quite big….but mennnn….She is fun to watch. Her preliminary performance has made everyone’s mind twisted like anything. Her catwalk? Oooolalalah. Consistent contender and a consistent beauty indeed.


4th runner up: Miss USA, Kristen Dalton


Come on. Miss USA will definitely be Miss USA. She is a great contender. A sure fighter. Having the pageant held in the beautiful island of the Bahamas became her biggest advantage. The only reason why Kristen won’t make it????? If Miss USA falls for the 3rd time. I am pretty sure that Kristen is shaking right now. The evening gown portion would be a trauma for sure. This is not the right time to say that “History should repeat itself”…. I am sure that it is the last thing that she would want to happen.

3rd runner up: Miss Philippines, Bianca Manalo


Finally we found an outstanding representative. I am one of the thousands who condemned her victory. The moment she reached Bahamas, she totally blew me away and made a full turn on my views. I was starstruck by her alabaster like skin. My fellow countrymen love her dearly. I do too. So much. But let’s face the fact that Bianca is still quite raw about what she went into. Lovely face, lovely catwalk (surprisingly), mediocre evening gown but might probably change the entire scene during the finals. I am just not quite confident that she can deliver and converse properly which will make it difficult for her to nail and get the crown that easy. Dayana Mendoza anyhow proved that language has never become a barrier.  But this girl has been fighting since day 1. She never cease to amaze me with her courage and I hope the judges will see her purity which has always been transparent all the time. I am crossing my fingers for her. She definitely has a major chance of stealing the crown. Bianca, Bianca, Bianca……please prove me wrong.

2nd runner up: Miss Australia, Rachael Finch


Seeing Rachael this year made me think that Laura Dundovic should have possessed the same qualities. If that would have been the case last year, she would have easily grab the crown with no effort. Rachael is a stunner this year. A major front runner. It’s a make or break situation. But so far, Rachael became an ultimate favorite since day 1. Jennifer Hawkins….here is a next.

1st runner up: Miss Mexico, Karla Carrillo


It has been a tough decision for me to put Karla in the second spot as she was for me the most beautiful delegate this year. Although she is, I still feel that she lacks a little bit of charisma and elegance. Because of that, Ada remains to be top in the position. Karla’s evening gown during the preliminary presentation didn’t give her justice at all. I never expected her to wear something like that. I hope she realized that now and do better in the finals. No question about her beauty….no doubt, the most beautiful face this year.

Miss Universe 2009: Miss Dominican Republic, Ada Aimee de la Cruz

Dominican Republic

Although Karla has the most beautiful face, Ada indeed has everything packed with her, the moment she left Dominican Republic and represented her country. I always loved Ada since Miss World days and right now, I have to stick with my choice since day 1. Her preliminary performances have made talks from all parts of the world. She is a fox. She was hot. She was stunning. Blah blah blah…..all of it never had a grain of  fiction. My only worry is that, I hope she will not follow Ingrid Marie Rivera’s luck last year. Actually I don’t even call it luck…..since she didn’t make it to the final cut. Overhyped and ended up zero. If that happens, it will for sure become a disaster.

Ada will get the crown this year. Mark that. I am sure about it. Dominican Republic’s performance has purely evolved and has increased its standards. Talks are scattering in Bahamas about Ada’s primadonna attitude. I don’t even believe that she has even a single bit of cockiness. Detractors will always be detractors….and the good ones has always been the most critiqued one. In the case of Ada, she is a strong contender. The stage loves her and her beauty is simply one of a kind. This year, I am sure about my list. She is this year’s driver whether you like it or not.


Extended list

Miss India, Ekta Choudhry

She is beautiful and I guess she is intelligent too. But I really don’t feel that she looks fresh at all time. In no offense to the Indian delegation, Ekta can surprise us in the big night. She is lovely but became inconsistent in the end. I think Simran’s dark outcome last year will continue this year.
Miss Singapore, Rachel Kum

Rachel Kum can be one of this year’s surprises. She is beautiful. She is smart and speaks English very fluent. I love her, but not enough for me to include her in my hall of fame. Another one contender to surprise us. Who knows? She can even go far than that.

Miss Albania, Hasna Xhukiçi

I was a bit disappointed by Albania’s performance. She used to be my favorite, she even reached my no. 1 slot. But her performance has made her a big flop. Her chances became less and I believe it won’t be enough for her to become part of this year’s cut. Albania can be lucky or not? Let us all find out soon, it the mean time Hasna remains to be one of my dark horse.

Miss Ireland, Diana Donnelly

Diana Donnelly, A doll with less sophistication. Her chances can change depending on how well she did during the panel interview. If her stars will prevail she can make everyone WOW….I just hope she will be consistent with her moves. Ireland can be placed in the Miss Universe map this year. Not impossible I guess.

Miss Kosovo, Marigona Dragusha

Kosovo last year….Kosovo this year. Yes, it can be. Her beauty is just amazing. Blink your eye…..Marigona can be this change everybody’s list this year.


That’s the final wrap up. I am sure that you all have different opinions about my choices. I am excited to find out this year’s outcome.

I must shout my all out support to Bianca Manalo. Her triumph will definitely create a great impact for sure. All the love for Bianca and to the rest of the delegates…..Good Luck!

To all the Republica Dominicana fans…..be proud…this can be your year.

Special thanks to Missology, Global Beauties and Miss Universe official pages for the endless snaps that I have used for this write up.

Keep the beauty alive.


where beauty is a must!


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