A month of Silence…

Hi there avid B-dazzlers. It has been a month now since the last time that I had updated my blog. I have been very busy with my newest endeavor whom I shared with 2 of my closest friends Gee and Mean Mina. It is the coolest website that you could ever visit. www.dramamode.com. Something that can tickle the farthest part of your imagination. Getting dressed now will just be as easy as 1,2,3. Right at your very own fingertips.  I will be telling you guys about it soon and I will make sure that every detail of it will draw your full attention. Work has also occupied majority of my attention. Of course, I still need to slog my butt out and earn money….that can’t just stop like that. Wait till I become the next billionaire….something which even Bill Gates couldn’t reach. 😉 lol.


What else did I miss that was worth sharing……??? ughhh….so many. The Ramadan Break….All about the Drama in my life….Gossip Girl being back…the addictiveness, So You Think You Can Dance Season 6…wat else? After Miss the Miss Universe Coverage….I became really tied up and locked up with so many things.

I’ve been loving life again. I hope you guys are doin’ the same thing.

Stay put….there’s more SOON!



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