I was watching PBB Double up, now on its 5th episode since “Kuya” opened his doors again last Sunday, October 4, 2009. Princess, the representative from Cebu had a fight with one of the housemates while they were arguing about something related to cooking. She got berserk and pissed off and she uttered the word “KAY*TA OI” …..ON-AIR….. which basically means “F*CK” in the Visayan Language.


I hope I heard it wrong…but I guess…I did hear it right. I was just surprised that the segment was not “bleeped out” and surprised that ABS-CBN didn’t notice that. Maybe the editors of the show are all from Manila. Just surprised that it was not screened properly.

Or Maybe I was just sleepy and hallucinating….as for me…that is actually the simplest word that you can speak out loud when you are angry “the Cebuano way”.

Jeeeeezzzz…..I know that this is a very bold statement but I wish that could it could be re-aired and prove that I was right.

Anybody out there who saw that part????? 😉




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