I am sending my big love to all B-Dazzlers out there who’s until now, expanded my hits like never before. 

Work has really occupied majority of my time lately and as much as I wanted to update everyone about what’s the latest buzz everywhere in the world…….I can’t. I mean, I really run short of time. I really don’t know how Hollywood celebrities do it…but kudos to them…..I really can’t withstand the same energy. Puhleaaase. Well, it’s not like everyone is interested about my thoughts, but the mere fact that I am connected with the world through this small little corner right here has basically made a great impact in my life.

Aside from that, I have been very busy with Drama. It is an Online Shopping Boutique that I share with 2 of the closest persons in my heart. Mean Mina and Gee. I’ve been crazy about it since the time that it was launched last September 9, 2009. The same time when Dubai Metro was launched here in the City of Lights.

Please visit it and I am sure you will all love it. www.dramamode.com

It has been a journey for Drama, and so far, for the record, we are doing great with our sales. The fun that it has brought to my life lately is priceless. Got To Have It! ~ our tagline…you really need to have it baby.

There is really so much of happenings during the past couple of months…..My bad…I wasn’t able to even share it with you guys, how overwhelming those days were. However, I would love to continue this and start all over.

I have been addicted with Facebook lately. I mean who doesn’t? I am one of the 65 million active users who got hooked up with this latest craze. I even have my own fan page? How cool is that?

For those of you who are interested in adding me (I bet there will be four in my last head count)….Be a fan of Queen B of Drama. Here is the link to become a fan http://www.facebook.com/pages/Queen-B-of-Drama/200057202477?ref=ts

That’s all for it right now….after all those months of absence…I can’t believe I managed to run out of words.

Till then,



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