B-dazzled is moving….

Finally, and I hope this will take place as fast as possible.

B-dazzled is shifting to a new home……www.ilovebengwic.com – Soon to hit the Internet world.

But this doesn’t mean that I will be less cruel…..less miticulous…..for sure…. I will be worst. 🙂 Your funny nightmare as always.

Take care.





February 22, 2010

Have a baby by me, baby! Be a millionaire….I just love that song from 50 cent.

It is 8:12 in the morning and I have not taken a bath until now. Probably I will not take a bath today coz as per my schedule, I took a bath already yesterday..so it has to be alternate you know.

Anyways, I have to prepare and take off everyone, I hope there is something that I can talk about later when I come back from Mirdif. The big bosses are planning to visit today???? crossing fingers that it will turn out to be well and good.

I am a bit worried because it has been almost 3 months now since Val had an accident and broke her leg. She is still limping until now and cannot really straighten up her foot? I really cannot stand long seeing her like that. I will take her to the vet soon! I promise.

I’ll see you all later.

B here baby

A day…something like yesterday!

Hi peeps…B here….surprisingly present. 🙂

I don’t know what’s up with me but suddenly, I have  all the urge to be in this corner once again.

Valerie is in my lap right now while I am typing this. She loves biting the string of my jogging pants till she feel sleepy. That’s her latest talent so far. Nothing more than that to be proud of.

I am currently having irritations.  Most of them are a little bit on top of my butt. I guess it has something to do with the garter of my pants. It is really itchy. I need help. Maybe a human shelter???? lol

I had a busy day today. As usual. What is so new about it. I really need to spend some more quality time with my baby Valerie. She seems to be so lonely lately and she keeps on biting her nails. I think it is a sign of boredom. This is according to the vet that I have visited in European Veterinary Clinic a couple of weeks back.

I was just thinking, how many occasions did I miss which was really worth blogging. The recently concluded Pedigree Pet Show where Val finished 3rd place in the Fancy Dress Competition. Christmas, New Year, Drama’s Launch….all the hypes…and all the stories which are all worth telling. It felt like I missed a gazillion to talk about.

I came home eating chicken once again. This time, it’s not from KFC….it’s from SFC which stands for Southern Friend Chicken. Chicken again? I don’t know….for the past 6 years….I never ceased to crave for this feathery creature. It is really something which is very difficult to resist. I love it. Nothing more to argue.

I love Virgin Radio Dubai. They always make my day. They are more than a definition of fun. I really love Kris Fade and Chad Manes. They are absolutely hilarious. I love both of them. Until now, I didn’t get a spot on the Kris’ Karaoke lounge. Virgin Radio is really something that I like…..second to Vice Ganda….my wonder bitch! Listening to them is like my Panadol intakes.

Vice Ganda…..What more can I say? I am a born comedian and it really takes a Petronas Tower for someone to make me laugh not unless it really stomach jerking funny. But…..Ohhhh My…..there was never a dull moment in Vice Ganda’s world.   I enjoy watching her in Youtube. I enjoy everything about it. I love her….from all the bottoms that I have. She always make my day. I won’t mind being paid a million bucks just to laugh the whole day. I just feel that a strip of my wrinkle is wacked out in my forehead everytime I follow this routine. I won’t change it for the world.

As a Bea-John Lloyd fan….I am excited to see their upcoming movie too. “Miss you like Crazy” brought by Cathy Garcia Molina. The Magician who made us all cry specially the last movie…..”One More Chance”…admit it….I am just one of the millions who cried with this. I did. I cannot even remember how many times I watched it in my Ipod. That damn movie was really meant for a “Hopeless Romantic” like me.

I am also a big Melason fan just like the thousand others. I promised myself that next year, I will be the next PBB winner. I will definitely audition for the next season. Melai is really an inspiration to me. If she was able to make it….of course….I can too! hahhaha….overconfidence?

I guess that would be all for today coz I am really tired and sleepy. It is going to be a tiring day for again tomorrow as our CEO is visiting Mirdif City Center tomorrow. We will be in the hot seat for sure. A toast of good luck to me.

Thank you everyone for the continued patronage and for continuously being B-dazzled.

Looking Back: 请张开您的眼睛,并且您将看见她

This is for you gee!

Something I wrote last year.

Something I didn’t even fabricate until the wild guess just became today’s truth. 🙂

This is for your darling. 


October 29, 2008 at 10:39 pm (2008daily dose

Wasssshuppp wasssshhup.

Welcome to the Hotel Cali-furnia.

My header is a little bit biased since there will be a limited amount of people who can actually figure out what this would mean. But in case you know….please let me know.

It is me again. Lee. The in demand fag from the the upper east side. Well, before, It was just in my dreams…not until now…and I felt that it is just starting to come true. I aced my exams in the morning and I was informed that I did it with flying colors. Gosssshh!!!! I guess….it’s in the blood. Who would not know that I was raised and born with a colorful environment. Mark my word…..it’s more than green!

As they always say, we need to start somewhere and before anything else let me put this straight and remind you that I am not related to Chun Lee, Jet Lee or Bruce Lee….neither to Mother LeeLee Monteverde or Leebron James. Though……I play basketball sometimes…More dribbles and less shots. ;-)

Much as I wanted to have a chinese blood, unfortunately, my mom decided to go and flirt with the Vietnamese ones…SO I ended up like this. A premature creation ”small-eyed” fellow from the Bengwic clan. I told my mom once that I have to say sorry in advance for I believe that our family name will end because of me. Just imagine how it sucks. Bengwic….and its end. Forget about the prophecy of me having twins by 28. It is crap. So scrap it out

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mama Rosette for paying my bill yesterday when we had dinner at Bongeourno….I hope i spelled it right…though it was not really spelled correctly. Thanks Mama…Muah Muah Muahh..you are the best….first class! I owe you one. Please do tell me regarding your final call concerning my offer. Think about it and tell me once you come back from your vacation. Another thing, I love your switzi key-holder…poor gee..I hope she knew that the concept was a switzi flag…

It was a lovely dinner. The food was great. First time always means good time.

Spoiler : Ann…this goes out for you, Gee took one egg from your “lugaw” yesterday. It was supposed to be my plan….but she executed it. Hahaha…. Explain gee…I know they will understand…the food can’t wait for them…so we did her a favor.. (*winks*) Yummy…right gee?

Spoiler: Dubai Mall’s so called opening date tomorrow got screwed up and decided to open on 4th of November. How cool is that? FOr me it was a pathetic decision. I wasted my time preparing all my shops to open…and they blew it off. Grrrr….forget it…it is a waste of time explaining. What do you expect? Emaar Properties and its “efficient” team. Please hit the right marks next time.

Spoiler: Emilia “NINI” Jacinto has again made a remark with her fake accent saying…”Im nahhh deh”. Go figure what language was that. As far as I know it was supposed to be in ”English” and she meant “I’m Not there”. As expected…that scene was like a ginger to Gee’s ears..Spicy and irritating

Spoiler: Oliver of Kurt Geiger is HOT. Period. I don’t want Sabrina to think that I am a flirt. (the truth still remains a secret)

Spoiler: Faaazzzlia got exposed to too much of sunlight as he roam around with me in Dubai Mall this afternoon. Fortunately, nothing much changed. (*winks*)..So I am a what? A Racist? But is that supposed to be for people who criticises Racers? Corny!!! Muahhh!

Ey guys, have you started applying for your national ID? I started mine the other day. Better start yours as well…I heard there are penalties for those who can’t apply before the year ends. I hope your company PRO’s is not as irresponsible as ours.

**************BITCH TALKS*************

So….Bitch talk guys….I have a lot of things to tell.

I am getting thousands of death threats for the last 2 days concerning my blog about defining humor. Wait…..did I just dropped mine? I’ll just pick it up and position it back. Give me two seconds.

Ok it’s there now. Let me have a deep sigh…Do I owe somebody an apology? If I do…I am sorry. It was just a blazing opinion that originated from pure thoughts. Let us just face the fact, I was right about it….and that’s where the commotion is coming from.

Reality bites.

Again, my apologies to those who felt that it was too harsh and unjust. Endpoint: He still remains humorless.

Regarding the poll. My last check was at a count of 1-101…It was a “dalmatian” figure. Whoever voted for “yes” was indeed a best friend. I’ll vow down for you. Please SMS me when do you want it .(*winks*). Let’s do it the Moroccan way.

All of you…please pray Hard, life is short.

I forgot to tell you guys that whoever votes for a “yes” gets to claim a prize, so please contact me for further info. My toll free number is 1-800-LOOSER. I am starting to accept calls 24/7.

——– >>> Question: Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near?

Let us go to the brighter side of the page. My hits are just becoming more and more and I would like to thank you guys for that. Now aiming for a TIME Magazine column is not quite far from reality. More hits to come…more freaky stuffs to tell. More revelations to crack and I’ll make it juicier than ever. Always remember that you can hide from everyone…anyone…someone…but you can’t hide from my 4 -meter sting..But once you are “in”…..you are “it”…….awyt?

———>>> closing remarks

I am just dying to tell something…But I am still composing words to explain it since the subjects are essential and the topic is mild sensitive. But I will post it in due time. Soon! Check it out….again…I won’t name names…but I’ll try to be as obvious as possible.

Elle and Effie….we miss you guys. Please come back soon before my buff day.. I just realized that the world without Elle is so boring…..I mean it…

eY elle…I changed my mind. I told you to bring me a kangaroo…please add 2 ostriches please coz’ I think that they can be a good playmates for Valerie.

So guys….go get a sleep and I will do the same. I have to feed my bitch…Bitchy Valerie. She is starting to scratch my legs again…I’ll catch you guys again soon.

Buh bye.

Love me more than ever.

Lot’s of love here…


I was B-dazzled!

Good day to the world. Good day to everyone. 

It’s nice to be peeping in this corner once in a blue moon. Maybe this is something that I really miss the most for the past few days. If not because I had a haircut this afternoon, I would not have the chance to chat with Kuya Joel once again. He made me realize that I should continue this and never cease to make people believe of everything through my words….Even if sometimes, it is very difficult for one to really follow the trip that I am heading to. 🙂 First, let us talk about my newly colored hair. It’s nice to be back and blonde once again. Thanks to my hairstylist Danny for making it quick and real. Beverly Hills Salon darling, that’s the name of my regular based hair eden.Now, I am officially back to the limelight.   

I was overwhelmed to realize that in my absence, I was able to reach a dizzy witzy hits of almost 150,000. How cool is that? Although majority of it was more of passport inquiries….hahaha 🙂 and regarding that…It is a pretty long story. I’ll tell you more about it soon.Why not? Kuya Joel was telling me this afternoon (in a cigarette break) that he was an avid fan of my blog site. And it is definitely a shame in my end if I am not going to keep regular posts at least. That’s not fair at all. That is basically something that I should not deprive anyone. I was inspired to know that he regularly reads and checks my articles. Though I know that majority of it is a complete and utter non-sense. haha. 🙂   

I didn’t keep that promise to do this as frequent as possible. I am also wondering why? Really….why not? Maybe, I am just so pre-occupied by tons of things. Mirdif City Center is the name of the game that I am playing right now. 8 shops! Imagine! Out of which 2 are finally over. Now I need to slog my butt out to finish the rest of it. My mind is so blank lately because of the enormous number of mistakes that I had with this project….Ooopps…yes, you heard it right. Mistakes…..I guess with this kind of field and with this kind of job, I consider Mistakes as my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Duhhhh?? you bet this can’t be avoided.  

I hope this will be over soon. 25 good cold days to go before the Grand Opening. That’s going to be a sweet finale. I will not be able to make it possible without Mate and Ces’ help. They were my back up. Good back-ups! Seriously.  



Me and my sis bonded in Dubai Mall this afternoon. Valentines Day. It’s a good day to be cheezy! Well, I have to be honest. I love the movie, though it was really so Slow when it started. I yawn 6 times watching it. But the later part were most of the stirs. I love it. Maybe because it was an All-Star cast, so it was really a bit difficult for the director to pat everybody’s back and ensure that they’ll get majority of the exposures….that made me a little bit crazy and made my head turn a little bit into its 96 degree direction. Add the fact that I was seated next to a couple with their son who was having tantrums the entire movie….Uggggghhh….I really wanted to scream and let the movie stop till the child subsides from anger!   

I love Bradley Cooper. Period! He is such a hottie. For me, he is an ideal leading man. Of course, he is a runner up to Taylor Lautner. My all time “har-har wolfy” fantasy. Overall, I give the movie an 8 out of 10. 8 because Ashton Kutcher should have shown more skin than I assumed. That was a complete disappointment. 🙂 


Drama. Got To Have It!  – visit www.dramamode.com for more information.  

We will be participating the “ SOURA(picture) “ Conservative & Advance Manipulation of Post Processing mentored by Mr. Parc Cruz himself. That is going to be on March 5, 2010 at Rihab Rotana Hotel in Deira. Workshop starts at 8:00 am. For more information, please visit their official Facebook Event page http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=314006430855&ref=ts   


I won’t end this without inviting everyone about the Shindig which is going to happen this March 6, 2010 – Saturday in Al Safa Park Dubai. Drama will be participating the “Flea Market”. Yes, you are reading it right. This is our way of saying thank you everyone for making Drama, your number one daily dose of style and glamour. Love love love it so much. I’ll see you all there at Gate No. 5. Gates open at 8:00 a.m.  

Love Love Love.  

My apologies, but you have just been B-DAZZLED.