A day…something like yesterday!

Hi peeps…B here….surprisingly present. 🙂

I don’t know what’s up with me but suddenly, I have  all the urge to be in this corner once again.

Valerie is in my lap right now while I am typing this. She loves biting the string of my jogging pants till she feel sleepy. That’s her latest talent so far. Nothing more than that to be proud of.

I am currently having irritations.  Most of them are a little bit on top of my butt. I guess it has something to do with the garter of my pants. It is really itchy. I need help. Maybe a human shelter???? lol

I had a busy day today. As usual. What is so new about it. I really need to spend some more quality time with my baby Valerie. She seems to be so lonely lately and she keeps on biting her nails. I think it is a sign of boredom. This is according to the vet that I have visited in European Veterinary Clinic a couple of weeks back.

I was just thinking, how many occasions did I miss which was really worth blogging. The recently concluded Pedigree Pet Show where Val finished 3rd place in the Fancy Dress Competition. Christmas, New Year, Drama’s Launch….all the hypes…and all the stories which are all worth telling. It felt like I missed a gazillion to talk about.

I came home eating chicken once again. This time, it’s not from KFC….it’s from SFC which stands for Southern Friend Chicken. Chicken again? I don’t know….for the past 6 years….I never ceased to crave for this feathery creature. It is really something which is very difficult to resist. I love it. Nothing more to argue.

I love Virgin Radio Dubai. They always make my day. They are more than a definition of fun. I really love Kris Fade and Chad Manes. They are absolutely hilarious. I love both of them. Until now, I didn’t get a spot on the Kris’ Karaoke lounge. Virgin Radio is really something that I like…..second to Vice Ganda….my wonder bitch! Listening to them is like my Panadol intakes.

Vice Ganda…..What more can I say? I am a born comedian and it really takes a Petronas Tower for someone to make me laugh not unless it really stomach jerking funny. But…..Ohhhh My…..there was never a dull moment in Vice Ganda’s world.   I enjoy watching her in Youtube. I enjoy everything about it. I love her….from all the bottoms that I have. She always make my day. I won’t mind being paid a million bucks just to laugh the whole day. I just feel that a strip of my wrinkle is wacked out in my forehead everytime I follow this routine. I won’t change it for the world.

As a Bea-John Lloyd fan….I am excited to see their upcoming movie too. “Miss you like Crazy” brought by Cathy Garcia Molina. The Magician who made us all cry specially the last movie…..”One More Chance”…admit it….I am just one of the millions who cried with this. I did. I cannot even remember how many times I watched it in my Ipod. That damn movie was really meant for a “Hopeless Romantic” like me.

I am also a big Melason fan just like the thousand others. I promised myself that next year, I will be the next PBB winner. I will definitely audition for the next season. Melai is really an inspiration to me. If she was able to make it….of course….I can too! hahhaha….overconfidence?

I guess that would be all for today coz I am really tired and sleepy. It is going to be a tiring day for again tomorrow as our CEO is visiting Mirdif City Center tomorrow. We will be in the hot seat for sure. A toast of good luck to me.

Thank you everyone for the continued patronage and for continuously being B-dazzled.


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