I was B-dazzled!

Good day to the world. Good day to everyone. 

It’s nice to be peeping in this corner once in a blue moon. Maybe this is something that I really miss the most for the past few days. If not because I had a haircut this afternoon, I would not have the chance to chat with Kuya Joel once again. He made me realize that I should continue this and never cease to make people believe of everything through my words….Even if sometimes, it is very difficult for one to really follow the trip that I am heading to. 🙂 First, let us talk about my newly colored hair. It’s nice to be back and blonde once again. Thanks to my hairstylist Danny for making it quick and real. Beverly Hills Salon darling, that’s the name of my regular based hair eden.Now, I am officially back to the limelight.   

I was overwhelmed to realize that in my absence, I was able to reach a dizzy witzy hits of almost 150,000. How cool is that? Although majority of it was more of passport inquiries….hahaha 🙂 and regarding that…It is a pretty long story. I’ll tell you more about it soon.Why not? Kuya Joel was telling me this afternoon (in a cigarette break) that he was an avid fan of my blog site. And it is definitely a shame in my end if I am not going to keep regular posts at least. That’s not fair at all. That is basically something that I should not deprive anyone. I was inspired to know that he regularly reads and checks my articles. Though I know that majority of it is a complete and utter non-sense. haha. 🙂   

I didn’t keep that promise to do this as frequent as possible. I am also wondering why? Really….why not? Maybe, I am just so pre-occupied by tons of things. Mirdif City Center is the name of the game that I am playing right now. 8 shops! Imagine! Out of which 2 are finally over. Now I need to slog my butt out to finish the rest of it. My mind is so blank lately because of the enormous number of mistakes that I had with this project….Ooopps…yes, you heard it right. Mistakes…..I guess with this kind of field and with this kind of job, I consider Mistakes as my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Duhhhh?? you bet this can’t be avoided.  

I hope this will be over soon. 25 good cold days to go before the Grand Opening. That’s going to be a sweet finale. I will not be able to make it possible without Mate and Ces’ help. They were my back up. Good back-ups! Seriously.  



Me and my sis bonded in Dubai Mall this afternoon. Valentines Day. It’s a good day to be cheezy! Well, I have to be honest. I love the movie, though it was really so Slow when it started. I yawn 6 times watching it. But the later part were most of the stirs. I love it. Maybe because it was an All-Star cast, so it was really a bit difficult for the director to pat everybody’s back and ensure that they’ll get majority of the exposures….that made me a little bit crazy and made my head turn a little bit into its 96 degree direction. Add the fact that I was seated next to a couple with their son who was having tantrums the entire movie….Uggggghhh….I really wanted to scream and let the movie stop till the child subsides from anger!   

I love Bradley Cooper. Period! He is such a hottie. For me, he is an ideal leading man. Of course, he is a runner up to Taylor Lautner. My all time “har-har wolfy” fantasy. Overall, I give the movie an 8 out of 10. 8 because Ashton Kutcher should have shown more skin than I assumed. That was a complete disappointment. 🙂 


Drama. Got To Have It!  – visit www.dramamode.com for more information.  

We will be participating the “ SOURA(picture) “ Conservative & Advance Manipulation of Post Processing mentored by Mr. Parc Cruz himself. That is going to be on March 5, 2010 at Rihab Rotana Hotel in Deira. Workshop starts at 8:00 am. For more information, please visit their official Facebook Event page http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=314006430855&ref=ts   


I won’t end this without inviting everyone about the Shindig which is going to happen this March 6, 2010 – Saturday in Al Safa Park Dubai. Drama will be participating the “Flea Market”. Yes, you are reading it right. This is our way of saying thank you everyone for making Drama, your number one daily dose of style and glamour. Love love love it so much. I’ll see you all there at Gate No. 5. Gates open at 8:00 a.m.  

Love Love Love.  

My apologies, but you have just been B-DAZZLED.  



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