Looking Back: 请张开您的眼睛,并且您将看见她

This is for you gee!

Something I wrote last year.

Something I didn’t even fabricate until the wild guess just became today’s truth. 🙂

This is for your darling. 


October 29, 2008 at 10:39 pm (2008daily dose

Wasssshuppp wasssshhup.

Welcome to the Hotel Cali-furnia.

My header is a little bit biased since there will be a limited amount of people who can actually figure out what this would mean. But in case you know….please let me know.

It is me again. Lee. The in demand fag from the the upper east side. Well, before, It was just in my dreams…not until now…and I felt that it is just starting to come true. I aced my exams in the morning and I was informed that I did it with flying colors. Gosssshh!!!! I guess….it’s in the blood. Who would not know that I was raised and born with a colorful environment. Mark my word…..it’s more than green!

As they always say, we need to start somewhere and before anything else let me put this straight and remind you that I am not related to Chun Lee, Jet Lee or Bruce Lee….neither to Mother LeeLee Monteverde or Leebron James. Though……I play basketball sometimes…More dribbles and less shots. ;-)

Much as I wanted to have a chinese blood, unfortunately, my mom decided to go and flirt with the Vietnamese ones…SO I ended up like this. A premature creation ”small-eyed” fellow from the Bengwic clan. I told my mom once that I have to say sorry in advance for I believe that our family name will end because of me. Just imagine how it sucks. Bengwic….and its end. Forget about the prophecy of me having twins by 28. It is crap. So scrap it out

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mama Rosette for paying my bill yesterday when we had dinner at Bongeourno….I hope i spelled it right…though it was not really spelled correctly. Thanks Mama…Muah Muah Muahh..you are the best….first class! I owe you one. Please do tell me regarding your final call concerning my offer. Think about it and tell me once you come back from your vacation. Another thing, I love your switzi key-holder…poor gee..I hope she knew that the concept was a switzi flag…

It was a lovely dinner. The food was great. First time always means good time.

Spoiler : Ann…this goes out for you, Gee took one egg from your “lugaw” yesterday. It was supposed to be my plan….but she executed it. Hahaha…. Explain gee…I know they will understand…the food can’t wait for them…so we did her a favor.. (*winks*) Yummy…right gee?

Spoiler: Dubai Mall’s so called opening date tomorrow got screwed up and decided to open on 4th of November. How cool is that? FOr me it was a pathetic decision. I wasted my time preparing all my shops to open…and they blew it off. Grrrr….forget it…it is a waste of time explaining. What do you expect? Emaar Properties and its “efficient” team. Please hit the right marks next time.

Spoiler: Emilia “NINI” Jacinto has again made a remark with her fake accent saying…”Im nahhh deh”. Go figure what language was that. As far as I know it was supposed to be in ”English” and she meant “I’m Not there”. As expected…that scene was like a ginger to Gee’s ears..Spicy and irritating

Spoiler: Oliver of Kurt Geiger is HOT. Period. I don’t want Sabrina to think that I am a flirt. (the truth still remains a secret)

Spoiler: Faaazzzlia got exposed to too much of sunlight as he roam around with me in Dubai Mall this afternoon. Fortunately, nothing much changed. (*winks*)..So I am a what? A Racist? But is that supposed to be for people who criticises Racers? Corny!!! Muahhh!

Ey guys, have you started applying for your national ID? I started mine the other day. Better start yours as well…I heard there are penalties for those who can’t apply before the year ends. I hope your company PRO’s is not as irresponsible as ours.

**************BITCH TALKS*************

So….Bitch talk guys….I have a lot of things to tell.

I am getting thousands of death threats for the last 2 days concerning my blog about defining humor. Wait…..did I just dropped mine? I’ll just pick it up and position it back. Give me two seconds.

Ok it’s there now. Let me have a deep sigh…Do I owe somebody an apology? If I do…I am sorry. It was just a blazing opinion that originated from pure thoughts. Let us just face the fact, I was right about it….and that’s where the commotion is coming from.

Reality bites.

Again, my apologies to those who felt that it was too harsh and unjust. Endpoint: He still remains humorless.

Regarding the poll. My last check was at a count of 1-101…It was a “dalmatian” figure. Whoever voted for “yes” was indeed a best friend. I’ll vow down for you. Please SMS me when do you want it .(*winks*). Let’s do it the Moroccan way.

All of you…please pray Hard, life is short.

I forgot to tell you guys that whoever votes for a “yes” gets to claim a prize, so please contact me for further info. My toll free number is 1-800-LOOSER. I am starting to accept calls 24/7.

——– >>> Question: Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near?

Let us go to the brighter side of the page. My hits are just becoming more and more and I would like to thank you guys for that. Now aiming for a TIME Magazine column is not quite far from reality. More hits to come…more freaky stuffs to tell. More revelations to crack and I’ll make it juicier than ever. Always remember that you can hide from everyone…anyone…someone…but you can’t hide from my 4 -meter sting..But once you are “in”…..you are “it”…….awyt?

———>>> closing remarks

I am just dying to tell something…But I am still composing words to explain it since the subjects are essential and the topic is mild sensitive. But I will post it in due time. Soon! Check it out….again…I won’t name names…but I’ll try to be as obvious as possible.

Elle and Effie….we miss you guys. Please come back soon before my buff day.. I just realized that the world without Elle is so boring…..I mean it…

eY elle…I changed my mind. I told you to bring me a kangaroo…please add 2 ostriches please coz’ I think that they can be a good playmates for Valerie.

So guys….go get a sleep and I will do the same. I have to feed my bitch…Bitchy Valerie. She is starting to scratch my legs again…I’ll catch you guys again soon.

Buh bye.

Love me more than ever.

Lot’s of love here…



All About HER

11:50 P.M. —–just another TEN minutes before the day gets over.

This is a toast to one of the closest person in my life. My confidante, a dear friend and my biggest pillar as I slog my butt out here in Dubai.

Happy Birthday Gee.

I don’t want the whole world to know how old are you but I’ll give a damn clue for sure….after all, 32 years has always been a bumpy ride. Cheers. 😉

Kiddin here. She just turned 18. As she was claiming….which is like a “YOU DECIDE” moment for all you guys….


Feelin sexy!

I am privileged to have a blog wherein I can really pour my thoughts out……….I have the right to say it all, and this can be the best opportunity of telling her everything that I wanted to say. It may not comprise of everything, but at least she knows that she is valued.  The Drama….ughhhh….as I keep on saying. The cornier, the better. Here’s a rundown.

Just a couple of facts.


Gee and B

How did we meet? It was my first day at work. Gee was actually the first person who approached me when I first stepped in that horrible den. I remember,  she was wearing her dark colored shades as she approaches the reception to register. Days after….I started doing the same too as I became officially part of the family (at least a few selected ones)

I keep on telling her about this, but I always thought that she wasn’t the same origin as mine. I always thought that she was from the carribean. I thought so. Not until she started to utter the words “sumusuba kaba?” over lunch. I thought I overheard something else and instead “chumuchupa kaba?” was the question. I would have immediately said YES. It was funny and ironic. Now, she knows that it was no doubt,  my expertise. She even got a tutorial from me. Relax….the demo wasn’t done in actuals.

Then she asked me again. What she meant is  if I do smoke.

Yes indeed. That time I was a Malboro addict while she is was an Esse fan. Well, not much of a difference right now. I am still a Malboro addict while she remains to be an Esse chain sucker…..Oooppss…Sorry Gee…You know for the fact the B-dazzled’s primary aim is to be as honest as possible. Just pullin your leg Sabby. She already quit smokin’ …(my nose…damn…..it’s becoming longer.)

The rest are all history. All were moments to look back. Gee, Myself, Mean Mina, Elle and the former Spicey Gal Khymie got along together as fast as it could ever be.  

Though few of us were left to continue that pact……..We mimic all the possible characters that we can. We tagged the most influencial people in our office from A to Z. She and Mean Mina emerged to be the ultimate impersonators. I was just a runner up.

It was a complete merriment.

A good reason for me to extend my stay in the so called “Work Place” that was a really f*ckin torture. 4866 has always been a hotline for me. For sure, hers was 4859. 🙂 Special emergencies like 4893 (The Pantry) and 4984 tends to be the most in demand line. 4856 was the Ice Breaker for sure…there was never a time that I have not sent emails immediately right after I put the phone down for this number. OOOOOOHHH…cheezzy and fishy huh?

Growing up in this company was scary and losing friends you’ve made along the way can really be jolting. But I can’t outrun time, and everyone has to take the next step. She was there for it.

Gee was in her simpliest. A simple bitch like me. Maybe the reason that we got along together so easy was because we were both hopeless romantics.

We smile at the least things that you could ever imagine.

We laugh like there’s no tomorrow.

We  share common jokes. (Mean Mina of course was an addition…SPICE UP YOUR LIFE)

Lastly,  our patience were both as long as San Francisco Bridge. It can even be as high as Angel Falls. The metaphor was just endless. 

Being her friend was not difficult at all. It was even more difficult back then when I was taking up Algebra in my college days. Most people don’t know how good is she from the inside (as much as I hate to say that she also looks good from the outside—-LET’S PAT HER …its her birthday). Many can really misjudge her, but looks can really be deceiving. 😉 Harrrr Harrrrr…..Classy.

She is a great friend. I am certain about it. I never doubted if she is. That made our friendship stronger. I guess that’s why everybody loved her as well. (Except the other G). She is just very easy to go along with. I must say….. there was never a f*ckin dull moment with her..Never…..never.

Her dessert journey has never been so easy. I was a witness of that. It was never effortless as she finds the way and struggle just to become happy. Who doesn’t want to? She just made her own way of reaching there.  She was born for the bumpy ride that she knows she is heading to. She was like as a sea shell. Never been stronger inside…..but with outrageously vigorious exteriors.

I was there in her downest. I was there when she was towering. I was there when she almost gave up. I was there when she started believing again.

I admire her for that.

I admire her for staying strong.

I admire her as she never stopped believing that fairytales do conclude with such happy endings. She was such an inspiration.

I want to tell you these things. Perhaps someday I will tell you, but let someday….be today. I have never been happier now that you finally found your way to the real thing.  I hope you did and I know you will. Love has done good to you. You furbished like a diamond. You both in fact.


Gee on the right....the mascot on the left

I count myself among the luckiest souls in the universe for meeting you. Most friends do say the same thing. It just ends up on how they really meant it.  I will never hesitate to show more.

Thank you for being here for me. Whenever you feel that the shadows come, and you are feeling lost and lonely like no one cares at all, just look around you,

Because I will always be there. (This could definitely work if I’m already dead ;-)…… This is for you, my friend, whose advice and support never fail to come through for me. I will always do the same for you.

I know this may not be the best venue dear…..but let the whole world know.

We love you Gee. We always will.

This won’t be enough……thank God I found You!


2 weeks of darkness



Finally I am back.

It’s b here. I thought last January 4 was my last day on earth. I meant my last day in this cruel yet lovely world. Oh my goodness gracious. Gosh! there are so many things that happened. I tried making it through bullet points, but with its quantity…..it was just too much.

Anyway….i will just share with you the things that I can remember. Hopefully, I can retrieve everything in one. I would have to say….in a span of almost 2 weeks (of silence) , there are massive of events that happened. Shocking……..trust me….they are.

Before we finally start invading other people’s life, just see this hilarious and nice ads about why you should value the fact that you are a MAN.

Damn…bengwic.wordpress has got commercials.







Where will I start?



Oh Men, this can be the best year-ender of 2009. I know it was a very bad thing to start with. But shhhhhhh!!!! Enough of too much of “ger-ger”.

This issue has started from some perv who was scattering a rumored gee look-alike sex video. It was just so pathetic. A pathetic incident which lead to something big.  I saw the vid…..though it really looked like her (in fairness to the boobies)….but duhhhhh!!!! for those who really chat, mingled, laughed, and cried with her….it was really something stupid for you to tag someone like that. A piece of crap.



Sometimes….being popular..I mean being “so” popular can lead to something overboard. If I have to repeat….always remember that Bad Publicity is still publicity.  We just have to deal with the fact that we…”upper-east siders” can be a major subject on someone who can’t have their own life. We love you gee…and whoever did this intolerable craze……I don’t want to be so cruel…BUT HE NEEDS TO BE EXECUTED. Deportaton is even too mild.

For those of you who wanted to see the video…..nahhhhhh…..forget the crap!


Last Wednesday, a surprising guest visited our homie. It’s March Christian Ramones. A highschool classmate back in my first years in CIT. And……He just lovesss Valerie….Too bad I went home late ,so I wasn’t able to quiz this lass so much. But there is always a next time, righhhht bud?

Just like most of us, he gained a couple of weight too. But unlike me, he looks fresh. You cannot even find a single spot of stress “marks” out of him.

We are happy to catch up with you mark. After three years….it finally happened.




I am so proud of this shop. I won’t tell you in detail what I went thorugh in finishing this project. It opened last January 8. AT LAST! For those of you who want to see how it became a Proud Beauty, go and visit Kurt Geiger in Dubai Marina down Jumeirah Beach Residence area. It was a product of blood and sweat. Literally, it was. Want proof? 😉




Not one, not two, not even three. It just starts to file up. A number of close friends here in Dubai were all calling me because they lost their job. At first, I thought Dubai can withstand everything, but I was completely wrong. Most of my Architect buddies got laid off. Depressing….I almost gave up mine. I just realized that was too careless of me to decide. I can be one of them now.

I had a chat with Robbie (a school friend) yesterday when he visited our office. He is currently looking out for a job. He already had in fact……but he finds it not suitable for him. I asked him if he has other choices…..coz’ if he does..then so be it. I told  him to think about those who can’t even get one.

This is alarming and I really don’t know till when it is going to last. Its effects are really mounting problems for all the expats here, even around the world. At the end of the day, I thank God  that I am in the retail project business. 😉


If the above was alarming….then you haven’t seen enough. I was going through our renewed contract that our landlord sent a week back. Voila…..an enormous 60,000 dirhams annual rent from a previous 32,000 dirhams.  It was really an unfair increment, in fact that was just too harsh. I can now start selling my body in order to get a decent accommodation. Lovely isn’t it? Damn it. Damn it. Damn it. I love where I am staying now…..and I guess I don’t have much of a  choice but to settle down with this price. I really cannot just give it up. I thought prices has gone down since Real Estate business is affected by global recession. I just thought……again I was wrong. Mean Mina will be giving me options and I have to see it before we finally decide to shift on March.


Randell and Ces, my new colleagues…my new homie mates. They are my options in order to pay for a decent home and I am happy that they are willing to settle down with me. These guys are like FAMILY to me and my mom just love them both. One thing, Randell snoars like an electric generator….but now…I got used to it. It is like something that you can’t live without now.


Episode 13,  Gossip Girl. Nothing great. I must say, it was a typical (not so exciting) episode.

I am happy to know that Chuck and Blaire are back together.

Not quite happy that Serena and Dan are back together.

So depressed that Nate was out of the picture (I hope with this episode only). Rufus and Lily’s love are just overflowing.

Blaire-ing Hot

Blaire-ing Hot

Dorotha remains beautiful while Jenny almost hailed as the new school queen. I love her so much….she’s starting to catch my attention. Chuck, of course, remains to be number one. When can I find a Chuck of my own and be chucked down???????? Hunting time!


Last Monday, I flew to the beautiful kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Jeddah was my first stop. Me, being so stressed out from my Sharjah-Jeddah flight doesn’t have much power to fall in line and get my passport stamped before I enter the land of the unknown. When I finally had my turn, I thought that was it. Nah!

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: Spotted!

After my baggage was scanned, I was held and asked to open my laptop. I was shivering, I just turned purple. They searched my laptop, including my hard drive. Luckily, I had all my porn trashed before I left Dubai. I just don’t remember if I completely erased everything. They kept me on hold for 2 hours. Everybody in Saudi where just calling me like hell. I can’t answer them. I was asked  not to answer my cellphone. The seat was becoming hot….I was feverish too! I was reminded that before I left, I transferred via bluetooth, Gee’s alleged crap video. I was crossing my fingers that they won’t be able to find it. The laptop’s battery drained off. I thought that was it…..not until they asked me for a charger. It was really exhausting.

I never thought Saudi will be this strict. I underestimated the fact that they can easily check all my belongings. I meant in detail. That was so careless of me. God forbid, I almost got imprisoned for six months. Almost paid 10,000 riyal fine. Almost embarrassed myself to everyone back in the office. It is scary. It was really scary. More than scary in fact.  I never thought that this can happen to me and I promised myself that I will be extra careful next time. This serves as a lesson for me.

I met Keen there. Jeddah’s Project Architect. It is easing to see a filipino fellow when I arrived on site.

The hotel where I slept overnight was lovely. It was strange to see such beautiful and warming accommodation. I really thought that nobody will understand another foreign language there aside from Arabic. I slept……I own the bed.

I flew to Dammam the next day. There I met cutie Akbar….I did have naughty plans…..but wahhhhh! I forgot…I am in Saudi. But given so much of time…That almost pursued.


Our new boss just joined in. Mayur Vilekar from Bombay, India. New Boss…..new changes…..new procedures. The long wait is over as the ship has a new captain. I hope this can benefit me.


😦 I saw all the pictures. Memories came back and I was teary eyed to see that 10 years ago, I use to hang out with all of these people.

I wish I was there. It could have been so much of fun. I love the snaps. I love all the people who attended. I know some who weren’t captured but the fact that most of the people I know were there…..uhhhhh! I love everything about it. When you are so tired and stressed out with work, seeing such kind would definitely make your heart melt. One thing,  I thought I was just the one who bloated a decade after. 😉 ……………..here yeeeh! We are a lot.



To Jonas- I am really sorry dear. I know that you were desperately trying to get hold of me. I was really tied up with so many things and I just knew now how much I have missed.

Photos courtesy of kenny (miss u buddy) see his blog also, just click here.

See more pictures here also.


Can you feel it now? It is freezing out there. But there is something colder than the real weather outside.

You certainly know what I meant. It is just sad that it has to end that way.

I don’t want you to be misunderstood that is why  I will keep my mouth shut but I won’t refrain to raise some points somehow. Whenever you are ready to talk about it…we will be here to listen. Trust me……I am sure there is something more to explain.

Life doesn’t end with just one instance….Move on! But I am still hoping….you would be back in the limelight. You are being missed by the members of the milky way.

Your friendship is valued….and I felt it in you too. I know you are good at heart and I can be one of the best person to say that.

I still love you. We still love you. I hope someday this can be settled. She misses  you….we all  miss you.  Central Perk  means nothing , if it means being there without you!

Maybe not now, but I know it will slowly mend on its own. I hope it will be soon.


There has been a battle going on as I was receiving massive comments about my blog earlier. See it again here. Somebody who claims that he knows April very well is throwing allegations about her status now in United States. Is this true…..or just another bad publicity. At least I know that she still remains to be a star.

To April….you are still no. 1 for me. Whatever it is…..you still own one of the prettiest face in this world and I always be your great fan.

Sometimes people can be just so jealous about what someone can attain. Unluckily, you did attain so much….with all the achievements??? I am sure that this is not the only one that you have faced.

The face

The face

Stay beautiful April and forget about the detractors. People can be so harsh and destructable sometimes, but they are those who don’t have life at all. You have your life…so go on and live it the way you are supposed to.


Pit Senor everyone. I can’t believe, I am missing it for the second time. Trust me,  I will be there next year. The colors…..the fancy costumes…..the people! Jdie………… !!!!!!! Who will win this year’s Mardigra? Find out soon.

I will miss all my Gay friends who will surely blast during this event.


Last January 14, 2009, the 25th year of Miss Cebu Beauty Pageant, in consistently producing national and international beauty queens, world-class models, and individuals who excel and standout in different fields. The silver anniversary celebration was the first time all the past winners of Miss Cebu from 1984 to last year’s 2008 gathered on stage to honor the very prestigious pageant.



Miss Cebu 2009 Winners

4th Runner Up: Tara Frances L. Oliver – Candidate No. 5
3rd Runner Up: Michelle Iva G. Eguia – Candidate No. 9
2nd Runner Up: Kimberley Therese A. Burden – Candidate No. 8
1st Runner Up: Rizzini Alexis C. Gomez – Candidate No. 11
Miss Cebu 2009: Kris Tiffany M. Janson – Candidate No. 12

Kris Tiffany M. Janson- The Winner

Kris Tiffany M. Janson- The Winner

Way to go winners. Again, make the queen city of the south proud.


Gee…Mean Mina and Elle. I miss you guys. Being busy is not fun. Having so much of work is not fun either. I promise, I will find time to hang out with you guys. I am just moving out from an enormous works lined up. 2 more sites and I am back in the game.


Finally! What can i say? Elle was upset that I wasn’t able to give my reaction about it. Well, it is because I was recalling the things that this couple went through….and when she told me about it, the only word which came into my mind was…. Finally!


New Year….New home.

Mean Mina is back from from the 7,107 islands. She looks fresh and ravishing. I lurve it. She brought some goodies for me. (The chocolate drink in particular).That was one of a kind. My mom wants more. You won’t believe she actually made use of  the chocolate for something else. That is something we can discuss later on. 😉  As usual, I still owe her something back. In fact….the rest of the spicey gals.  I owe them a lot. Comes with mean mina being back is her new place near IBN Batutta Mall. I heard that the place was so cool. I can’t wait to see it. Hopefully I can pay a visit soon.


Meeeeeeeeoooow… What happened? Gerry, if it was about me pressuring you so much the other day…I am sorry. I just hope it wasn’t the reason coz’ you are not even answering my calls when I was calling you the other day.


And him too? Few hot people are starting to become extinct now.


She is becoming “lovely” day by day. She doesn’t bark like a lady though. She can now stand, sit and catch something when told! Don’t you think that was just amazing?


I am tired of being single. Hahahha! 🙂 Where the hell this has come from? No, I just felt so lonely for the past few days. Just imagine…..Mean Mina has Allen…..Elle has F3…..and Gee recently have Reagan. Depressing isn’t it? I am now completely behind of everyone….behind everything. When is my turn?


Really! It is…..Is it just one of the days or am I really falling?


January, February, March, April, May…..Five months….it’s the road to the new queen! Soon! Who will succeed Dayanna Mendoza.?




The Jing and Tone nuptials. Oh my God! This is called wedding. Jing……I miss you bitch. How can I miss such very important day in your life. I was really impressed…..the wedding was beautiful.

I was there when this couple has started. I was a witness on how much Jing loved Tone…(my look alike)….(includeing the dirty ones) 😉 . I am happy that it finally ended to something worth seeing. I must say…you both deserve each other. Lovely venue…lovely dress….just beautiful!



The Jasi-Phoebe nuptials. How can people be so lucky in finding someone meant for them? Phoebe looks fantabulous….She’s always been beautiful for me and Jasi?????? Mean Mina knows! I call him the “bulging man” . I do believe that everyone has its own soul mate. But I keep on asking myself where the hell is mine?


So that’s it….hopeful that I have not missed any. How about you? Do you have something to share with me? Maybe our minds can meet.

I am off to Abu Dhabi tomorrow. It is a Saturday and I have a scheduled meeting in Al Wahda Mall. 10:30 am is the call time. For those of you who wanted to  meet me…..tomorrow’s the day! 😉

I hate to say goodbye for now. But I promise that the silence won’t be too long starting today onwards.

I just missed blogging.

Remembering what happened in a day is a job for me….and I am on for it.

I just wish I can have all the time to do it.

I admire you all.

God is great. Always remember that everything happens for a reason. Just believe in Him….Sometimes, I really do call and think about HIM, only if I am in need. But still, he is always there for me and never misses a chance to give me strength and hope. He drives away my fears and sorrow as I continue to give more love and faith in him.

Hugs and kisses here.

MY is back on Monday……………………………that means real FUN!