Ooops Sorry!

So enough of the Post Idol after effects….I had enough of wallowing. Adam lost….Kris Allen wins. End of story coz’ if you’ll ask me to talk about it??? you bet it’s going to be bad.

Let’s go GG instead. This is f*ckin long.

I don’t know whether to applaud or cry about the season finale of Gossip Girl. On the one hand, it was full of amazing moments (yay, Chuck and Blair!). But the flip side is we now have to spend an agonizing summer wishing to be cooled off by GG‘s iciness. I might have to start roaming the Upper East Side on Monday nights just hoping I can spot a hot high schooler making out with a cougar or two teen girls launching into a bitchfight. Or maybe I’ll just stay home and drink.

So, my favorite television students have finally graduated and are off to college. Now, correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think we know where Chuck is going? Am I right? Maybe he’s just continuing to work for Bass Industries. And we have Dan, Vanessa, Blair, and possibly Georgina all going to NYU in the fall. Nate will be at Columbia. And Serena is the only one currently leaving the Big Apple. I have a feeling that’s gonna change come next fall.

To start, I looooved how Blair posed for the paparazzi as she and Serena left lunch. It was priceless. Once again, Leighton Meester shows her flair for comedy.

gossip-girl-season-2-finale-poster_440x501The major plotline in this finale was Serena’s attempts to unveil Gossip Girl’s true identity, which I found a little random. Like, who cares at this point? Also, the email blast that Gossip Girl sent during the graduation ceremony was laaaaame. Blair is ”weak.” Chuck is a ”coward.” Big whoop. Frankly, Nate is the one who got the worst classification: ”class whore.” Mean but fair, Gossip Girl. And Dan is an ”insider.” Are these supposed to sting? I guess I just expected a little more vitriol from Gossip Girl. Especially since this is what inspired Serena to really dig deep and try to discover who the anonymous blogger is. The entire graduation scene, much like prom, was incredibly anticlimactic but, in the end, I wasn’t really bothered by it. But quite frankly, I was bored at my own high school graduation. One highlight though was the reappearance of Cyrus and Eleanor. They are just too genius. And too cute. Every time Wallace Shawn pops up in an episode, I smile.

Next, we had the standard Gossip Girlcocktail party — no episode is complete without some sort of soiree. I had no idea that the Constance Billard senior class was so tiny. It appeared for a hot second that Jonathan might be Gossip Girl but alas he had just hacked into her system and was receiving tips from her. The whole thing was a little fishy to me. When did Jonathan become a hacker? And who still does that? Is it 1995? Yet another reason for Eric to dump him.

At Nate’s party, the shiz really hit the fan when Gossip Girl, angry with all of Serena’s snooping around, unleashed basically every secret she/he ever knew about Serena’s classmates. It was kinda funny all of the twists that came to light because I had forgotten some of the stuff. Also, the whole Blair/Jack Bass situation was really glazed over. I need some more details on that. And I kinda thought the Chuck/Vanessa pairing was going to develop further but apparently not!

At Nate’s party, Chuck and Blair had their hottest scene to date, even hotter than the blackout episode last fall. This was one of their best moments all year. Blair stripping for Chuck was ah-mazing and I don’t even have an appreciation for female stripteases! Her dress was phenomenal too. I almost wish she would have kept it on. But good lord that sequence was smokin’! It gave me palpitations. I knew, though, when Chuck rejected her again that there had to be a happy ending. Otherwise, Blair just looks too sad. Though she’d be sad in a fantastic dress. In my mind, that dress would trump any tears.

Speaking of romance, Lily and Rufus got engaged. And it was the sweetest moment. They were both stoned and drunk. Ahhh what a story to tell the grandkids! ”Well, Nana was totally baked when Grampy popped the question…” It did seem quite appropriate for an ex-groupie and former rock and roll star. And I loved that he used a Lincoln Hawk wristband as a ring. So charming. It will be really interesting next season to have the Humphreys and the van der Woodsens co-habitating.

We finally got a Jenny storyline after months of Little J moping around and following Rufus on various errands. So, Little J was nominated to become the next Queen Bee of the school now that Blair is departing. First off, Jenny’s dress to graduation was totes inappropriate. I love how Rufus has no concerns about that — he’s too busy getting stoned with Lily. In any case, Little J ended up being chosen by Blair as her replacement. It was a surprisingly nice scene between the two of them, having been at odds for most of the past two seasons. ”For what it’s worth, you’re my queen. I choose you,” Blair told Jenny. And the audience gives a collective sigh, Awwww. I totally dig Jenny being Queen Bee next season. She’s best when she’s drunk with power and I’m loving that her first order of business was to do away with headbands. I second that!

The final moments of the episode were a whirlwind of twists, like the return of Lily and Rufus’ love child, now calling himself Scott! And he’s going to NYU! And the actor in question, Chris Riggi, has kinda weird hair! And was a lil’ vampire-ish to me! Am I alone? But at least he’s cute!

Georgina reappeared for like two seconds and apparently got all the money back from Poppy. That was a little confusing and I would have liked to have seen the Poppy smackdown but perhaps we’ll get some flashbacks later. More satisfying was Georgina requesting to be roommates with Blair at NYU. Perfection! That’d better happen. Also, Michelle Trachtenburg just needs to join the show full time. Her NBC series, Mercy, looks like a hot mess and GG is so much more fun with Georgina around.

We also once again saw Carter Baizen, who finally revealed what he and Serena were doing down in Santorini: looking for her missing father. Interesting. But now apparently the dude has jetted to Fiji. It’s like Serena’s dad is secretly Carmen Sandiego. He’s all over the map. That would be a serious cramp in Lily and Rufus’ plans if Papa van Der Woodsen showed back up — which makes me think he will, since this show loves drama!

And then, finally, there was the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the Chuck/Blair reconciliation. And it was just how I hoped. Blair was wearing some insanely preppy outfit and Chuck was his usual debonair d-bag self. Note to all potential suitors of me: I will also forgive any kind of bad behavior if you repent by traveling to Europe to pick up my favorite chocolate. I almost got a little emotional during that scene. But then laughed when Blair seriously asked Chuck to say ”I love you again.” I think they just might be my favorite couple on television. Screw MerDer. My favorite couple I will now call…Chair. Or maybe Bluck.

What think you, PopWatchers? Can you stand a summer without Gossip Girl? Will Chuck and Blair last? How is Jenny going to handle being Queen Bee? And do you think Scott has weird hair?



Just so you’ll know……….

Gossip Girl episode this week climbs up the no. 1 spot to become the most boring show. That’s just for this week.

Well, after all there is a lot more thing to spill….


There have been a lot of skeevy, overly sexed up and creepy story lines on “Gossip Girl” (like the unresolved Blair sleeping with Uncle Jack plot), but in my mind, the little love triangle between Dan, Serena and their new (now fired and re-hired) teacher, Rachel, takes the cake.

First of all, whether Dan and Rachel were sleeping together at the start of the episode or not, who would consider hanging out with the new teacher (or teenage student) at the coffee shop every day normal? If I was Serena, I would have shut that down from day one. But she naively believes Dan that the student/teacher relationship is totally platonic as their relationship fizzles. Thankfully, Blair exists in the fictional Upper East Side drama. When she sees a spark between the totally inappropriate pair (Dan and Rachel, not Dan and Serena, although they’re ridiculous as well), she sends an alert to “Gossip Girl,” which lands her in a lot of trouble. To badmouth your fellow students is one thing — to badmouth a teacher is slander!

If you haven’t watched yet, do yourself a favor and fast forward through the hint of a kinky sex life between Nate and Vanessa (gross) and get back to the good stuff.

Rachel leaves her day planner at the park after meeting with Serena, who picks it up and sees that she’s going to the same old coffee shop that very afternoon for another rendevous with, who else? – Dan! And this is right after the slanderous accusations have spread, getting Blair expelled, thus crushing her chances of attending Yale. So, Serena stands outside and witnesses a hug, which she photographs and hands over to Blair, who in turn brings to the parent/teacher meeting and shows to everyone! Wow, Blair. Kudos. She always takes the conniving, nasty route. You know what to expect with her, and I like that.

So, Blair’s back in school (and presumably in Yale), Rachel is fired (and then re-hired) and Dan and Serena break-up again (fingers crossed she doesn’t go back to slimy Aaron Rose). All is right in the world. Except… Dan heads to Rachel’s apartment to apologize (give it one last shot) and she jumps him for some illegal lovin’. Did she forget that even though she’s no longer his teacher (at least she doesn’t think she is), he’s still underage?

I completely glossed over it, but what is going on with Chuck and the secret society? I’m totally lost. Did I miss an episode or something? Have no idea how he got to that “meeting” or where this storyline is headed. Is it possible that daddy Bass is still alive somewhere?

2 weeks of darkness



Finally I am back.

It’s b here. I thought last January 4 was my last day on earth. I meant my last day in this cruel yet lovely world. Oh my goodness gracious. Gosh! there are so many things that happened. I tried making it through bullet points, but with its quantity… was just too much.

Anyway….i will just share with you the things that I can remember. Hopefully, I can retrieve everything in one. I would have to say….in a span of almost 2 weeks (of silence) , there are massive of events that happened. Shocking…… me….they are.

Before we finally start invading other people’s life, just see this hilarious and nice ads about why you should value the fact that you are a MAN.

Damn…bengwic.wordpress has got commercials.







Where will I start?



Oh Men, this can be the best year-ender of 2009. I know it was a very bad thing to start with. But shhhhhhh!!!! Enough of too much of “ger-ger”.

This issue has started from some perv who was scattering a rumored gee look-alike sex video. It was just so pathetic. A pathetic incident which lead to something big.  I saw the vid…..though it really looked like her (in fairness to the boobies)….but duhhhhh!!!! for those who really chat, mingled, laughed, and cried with her….it was really something stupid for you to tag someone like that. A piece of crap.



Sometimes….being popular..I mean being “so” popular can lead to something overboard. If I have to repeat….always remember that Bad Publicity is still publicity.  We just have to deal with the fact that we…”upper-east siders” can be a major subject on someone who can’t have their own life. We love you gee…and whoever did this intolerable craze……I don’t want to be so cruel…BUT HE NEEDS TO BE EXECUTED. Deportaton is even too mild.

For those of you who wanted to see the video…..nahhhhhh…..forget the crap!


Last Wednesday, a surprising guest visited our homie. It’s March Christian Ramones. A highschool classmate back in my first years in CIT. And……He just lovesss Valerie….Too bad I went home late ,so I wasn’t able to quiz this lass so much. But there is always a next time, righhhht bud?

Just like most of us, he gained a couple of weight too. But unlike me, he looks fresh. You cannot even find a single spot of stress “marks” out of him.

We are happy to catch up with you mark. After three years….it finally happened.




I am so proud of this shop. I won’t tell you in detail what I went thorugh in finishing this project. It opened last January 8. AT LAST! For those of you who want to see how it became a Proud Beauty, go and visit Kurt Geiger in Dubai Marina down Jumeirah Beach Residence area. It was a product of blood and sweat. Literally, it was. Want proof? 😉




Not one, not two, not even three. It just starts to file up. A number of close friends here in Dubai were all calling me because they lost their job. At first, I thought Dubai can withstand everything, but I was completely wrong. Most of my Architect buddies got laid off. Depressing….I almost gave up mine. I just realized that was too careless of me to decide. I can be one of them now.

I had a chat with Robbie (a school friend) yesterday when he visited our office. He is currently looking out for a job. He already had in fact……but he finds it not suitable for him. I asked him if he has other choices…..coz’ if he does..then so be it. I told  him to think about those who can’t even get one.

This is alarming and I really don’t know till when it is going to last. Its effects are really mounting problems for all the expats here, even around the world. At the end of the day, I thank God  that I am in the retail project business. 😉


If the above was alarming….then you haven’t seen enough. I was going through our renewed contract that our landlord sent a week back. Voila… enormous 60,000 dirhams annual rent from a previous 32,000 dirhams.  It was really an unfair increment, in fact that was just too harsh. I can now start selling my body in order to get a decent accommodation. Lovely isn’t it? Damn it. Damn it. Damn it. I love where I am staying now…..and I guess I don’t have much of a  choice but to settle down with this price. I really cannot just give it up. I thought prices has gone down since Real Estate business is affected by global recession. I just thought……again I was wrong. Mean Mina will be giving me options and I have to see it before we finally decide to shift on March.


Randell and Ces, my new colleagues…my new homie mates. They are my options in order to pay for a decent home and I am happy that they are willing to settle down with me. These guys are like FAMILY to me and my mom just love them both. One thing, Randell snoars like an electric generator….but now…I got used to it. It is like something that you can’t live without now.


Episode 13,  Gossip Girl. Nothing great. I must say, it was a typical (not so exciting) episode.

I am happy to know that Chuck and Blaire are back together.

Not quite happy that Serena and Dan are back together.

So depressed that Nate was out of the picture (I hope with this episode only). Rufus and Lily’s love are just overflowing.

Blaire-ing Hot

Blaire-ing Hot

Dorotha remains beautiful while Jenny almost hailed as the new school queen. I love her so much….she’s starting to catch my attention. Chuck, of course, remains to be number one. When can I find a Chuck of my own and be chucked down???????? Hunting time!


Last Monday, I flew to the beautiful kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Jeddah was my first stop. Me, being so stressed out from my Sharjah-Jeddah flight doesn’t have much power to fall in line and get my passport stamped before I enter the land of the unknown. When I finally had my turn, I thought that was it. Nah!

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: Spotted!

After my baggage was scanned, I was held and asked to open my laptop. I was shivering, I just turned purple. They searched my laptop, including my hard drive. Luckily, I had all my porn trashed before I left Dubai. I just don’t remember if I completely erased everything. They kept me on hold for 2 hours. Everybody in Saudi where just calling me like hell. I can’t answer them. I was asked  not to answer my cellphone. The seat was becoming hot….I was feverish too! I was reminded that before I left, I transferred via bluetooth, Gee’s alleged crap video. I was crossing my fingers that they won’t be able to find it. The laptop’s battery drained off. I thought that was it…..not until they asked me for a charger. It was really exhausting.

I never thought Saudi will be this strict. I underestimated the fact that they can easily check all my belongings. I meant in detail. That was so careless of me. God forbid, I almost got imprisoned for six months. Almost paid 10,000 riyal fine. Almost embarrassed myself to everyone back in the office. It is scary. It was really scary. More than scary in fact.  I never thought that this can happen to me and I promised myself that I will be extra careful next time. This serves as a lesson for me.

I met Keen there. Jeddah’s Project Architect. It is easing to see a filipino fellow when I arrived on site.

The hotel where I slept overnight was lovely. It was strange to see such beautiful and warming accommodation. I really thought that nobody will understand another foreign language there aside from Arabic. I slept……I own the bed.

I flew to Dammam the next day. There I met cutie Akbar….I did have naughty plans…..but wahhhhh! I forgot…I am in Saudi. But given so much of time…That almost pursued.


Our new boss just joined in. Mayur Vilekar from Bombay, India. New Boss… changes… procedures. The long wait is over as the ship has a new captain. I hope this can benefit me.


😦 I saw all the pictures. Memories came back and I was teary eyed to see that 10 years ago, I use to hang out with all of these people.

I wish I was there. It could have been so much of fun. I love the snaps. I love all the people who attended. I know some who weren’t captured but the fact that most of the people I know were there…..uhhhhh! I love everything about it. When you are so tired and stressed out with work, seeing such kind would definitely make your heart melt. One thing,  I thought I was just the one who bloated a decade after. 😉 …………… yeeeh! We are a lot.



To Jonas- I am really sorry dear. I know that you were desperately trying to get hold of me. I was really tied up with so many things and I just knew now how much I have missed.

Photos courtesy of kenny (miss u buddy) see his blog also, just click here.

See more pictures here also.


Can you feel it now? It is freezing out there. But there is something colder than the real weather outside.

You certainly know what I meant. It is just sad that it has to end that way.

I don’t want you to be misunderstood that is why  I will keep my mouth shut but I won’t refrain to raise some points somehow. Whenever you are ready to talk about it…we will be here to listen. Trust me……I am sure there is something more to explain.

Life doesn’t end with just one instance….Move on! But I am still hoping….you would be back in the limelight. You are being missed by the members of the milky way.

Your friendship is valued….and I felt it in you too. I know you are good at heart and I can be one of the best person to say that.

I still love you. We still love you. I hope someday this can be settled. She misses  you….we all  miss you.  Central Perk  means nothing , if it means being there without you!

Maybe not now, but I know it will slowly mend on its own. I hope it will be soon.


There has been a battle going on as I was receiving massive comments about my blog earlier. See it again here. Somebody who claims that he knows April very well is throwing allegations about her status now in United States. Is this true…..or just another bad publicity. At least I know that she still remains to be a star.

To April….you are still no. 1 for me. Whatever it is… still own one of the prettiest face in this world and I always be your great fan.

Sometimes people can be just so jealous about what someone can attain. Unluckily, you did attain so much….with all the achievements??? I am sure that this is not the only one that you have faced.

The face

The face

Stay beautiful April and forget about the detractors. People can be so harsh and destructable sometimes, but they are those who don’t have life at all. You have your life…so go on and live it the way you are supposed to.


Pit Senor everyone. I can’t believe, I am missing it for the second time. Trust me,  I will be there next year. The colors…..the fancy costumes…..the people! Jdie………… !!!!!!! Who will win this year’s Mardigra? Find out soon.

I will miss all my Gay friends who will surely blast during this event.


Last January 14, 2009, the 25th year of Miss Cebu Beauty Pageant, in consistently producing national and international beauty queens, world-class models, and individuals who excel and standout in different fields. The silver anniversary celebration was the first time all the past winners of Miss Cebu from 1984 to last year’s 2008 gathered on stage to honor the very prestigious pageant.



Miss Cebu 2009 Winners

4th Runner Up: Tara Frances L. Oliver – Candidate No. 5
3rd Runner Up: Michelle Iva G. Eguia – Candidate No. 9
2nd Runner Up: Kimberley Therese A. Burden – Candidate No. 8
1st Runner Up: Rizzini Alexis C. Gomez – Candidate No. 11
Miss Cebu 2009: Kris Tiffany M. Janson – Candidate No. 12

Kris Tiffany M. Janson- The Winner

Kris Tiffany M. Janson- The Winner

Way to go winners. Again, make the queen city of the south proud.


Gee…Mean Mina and Elle. I miss you guys. Being busy is not fun. Having so much of work is not fun either. I promise, I will find time to hang out with you guys. I am just moving out from an enormous works lined up. 2 more sites and I am back in the game.


Finally! What can i say? Elle was upset that I wasn’t able to give my reaction about it. Well, it is because I was recalling the things that this couple went through….and when she told me about it, the only word which came into my mind was…. Finally!


New Year….New home.

Mean Mina is back from from the 7,107 islands. She looks fresh and ravishing. I lurve it. She brought some goodies for me. (The chocolate drink in particular).That was one of a kind. My mom wants more. You won’t believe she actually made use of  the chocolate for something else. That is something we can discuss later on. 😉  As usual, I still owe her something back. In fact….the rest of the spicey gals.  I owe them a lot. Comes with mean mina being back is her new place near IBN Batutta Mall. I heard that the place was so cool. I can’t wait to see it. Hopefully I can pay a visit soon.


Meeeeeeeeoooow… What happened? Gerry, if it was about me pressuring you so much the other day…I am sorry. I just hope it wasn’t the reason coz’ you are not even answering my calls when I was calling you the other day.


And him too? Few hot people are starting to become extinct now.


She is becoming “lovely” day by day. She doesn’t bark like a lady though. She can now stand, sit and catch something when told! Don’t you think that was just amazing?


I am tired of being single. Hahahha! 🙂 Where the hell this has come from? No, I just felt so lonely for the past few days. Just imagine…..Mean Mina has Allen…..Elle has F3…..and Gee recently have Reagan. Depressing isn’t it? I am now completely behind of everyone….behind everything. When is my turn?


Really! It is…..Is it just one of the days or am I really falling?


January, February, March, April, May…..Five months….it’s the road to the new queen! Soon! Who will succeed Dayanna Mendoza.?




The Jing and Tone nuptials. Oh my God! This is called wedding. Jing……I miss you bitch. How can I miss such very important day in your life. I was really impressed…..the wedding was beautiful.

I was there when this couple has started. I was a witness on how much Jing loved Tone…(my look alike)….(includeing the dirty ones) 😉 . I am happy that it finally ended to something worth seeing. I must say…you both deserve each other. Lovely venue…lovely dress….just beautiful!



The Jasi-Phoebe nuptials. How can people be so lucky in finding someone meant for them? Phoebe looks fantabulous….She’s always been beautiful for me and Jasi?????? Mean Mina knows! I call him the “bulging man” . I do believe that everyone has its own soul mate. But I keep on asking myself where the hell is mine?


So that’s it….hopeful that I have not missed any. How about you? Do you have something to share with me? Maybe our minds can meet.

I am off to Abu Dhabi tomorrow. It is a Saturday and I have a scheduled meeting in Al Wahda Mall. 10:30 am is the call time. For those of you who wanted to  meet me…..tomorrow’s the day! 😉

I hate to say goodbye for now. But I promise that the silence won’t be too long starting today onwards.

I just missed blogging.

Remembering what happened in a day is a job for me….and I am on for it.

I just wish I can have all the time to do it.

I admire you all.

God is great. Always remember that everything happens for a reason. Just believe in Him….Sometimes, I really do call and think about HIM, only if I am in need. But still, he is always there for me and never misses a chance to give me strength and hope. He drives away my fears and sorrow as I continue to give more love and faith in him.

Hugs and kisses here.

MY is back on Monday……………………………that means real FUN!


b on mobile: out of the picture

My internet is f*cked up at home so I will be sending my blog post through my mobile for the mean time.

It is slightly difficult but manageable….just for all you guys…
Take care and I will see you again soon.

This has been b here.
Signing off

Note: What happened to Gossip Girl Episode 13 coz I haven’t downloaded it so far. I am just excited to see it. Hope my connection will be back.

kisses here

Bart Bass is finally dead

Don’t you love the weather outside? Snowballs….Soon! Huh? I guess Dubai isn’t ready to have one though. Focus on the drainage systems first before concentrating on any hodge podge Metro rail projects. If water pours and it is intolerable, how would you deal with possible hail drops to come? Drop it. I am not an environmentalist either…or if it was supposed to be their concern…whatever!
I spent 90% of the day holding my steering wheel. Very Static. 😦

Endless appointments which made me increase my dosage on pain relievers due to excessive (brain tumor like) engagement with tons of things. Much as I wanted to see everybody in the office, (the bitches in particular) I guess 24 hours in a day is not even good enough to complete all my stuff…3 hours of it is already spent searching for possible toilets to pee. It was just something beyond overboard.

Thank God winter has started. Just imagine if I was doing all the roaming thingy and it is 60 degrees “helly” hot outside. I won’t even dare.

I heard Elle went to the Maroon 5 concert today. Enchanted! I cursed her for not inviting us to go with her. Actually, she did invite us…but we were hesitant in confirming and that is why it sucks more. 😉

—–Are we done mourning with Marky Cielo? I am not!—–

Well news spread like a virus and believe me it is normal in B’s world. But I will forgive everyone now. After all, I just gave my spy his annual bonus and I also gave him the liberty to spend a holiday outside the country. Not until he is back, I will  (for the mean time) stop crushing people’s intestine and just concentrate in making my self consistently beautiful (in full hopes).

I arrived home at around 6:45 pm today. 15 minutes was alloted talking to my “soon to be” new boss. I wish he can join us as early as possible so that I can fly my way back home and spend some time with everybody back there in Cebu. Talking about the “failed” plans of seeing Sinulog 2009. That just breaks my heart into zillions everytime I realize that I won’t be able to make it “AGAIN”.

I am travelling to Bahrain this Monday on a one day trip with my boss. How cool is that? Sitting on a plane…with the least person you expect to be with you in a 2 hour “sounds like” very long  flight. That’s something……….extra-ordinary. Do you think I exactly meant the opposite?

So going back when I finally laid myself in bed and bonded with my Ipod. And you know what that means right?

———–It’s Gossip Girl time baby!

Before anything else, I would like to extend my sincerest apologies for those who haven’t seen the episode yet and intends to read my blog. I advice. Read till here only. Coz’ I am very much positive that I will be doing more than spilling…(*winks*)

Bart Bass is officially dead, with a story on the front page of the New York Journal to confirm it. Surprisingly, Lily Bass didn’t seem too ruffled. She actually looked cheery and in love — with Rufus Humphrey. The man. He is hot. Can’t actually wait to find out what is more inside. If you know what I mean…. 😉

fabuluously mourning

Before he died, Bass knew something was up. He might have not had a chance to confront Lily about her “secret,” but his son Chuck Bass sure did. Did Lily blame Bart’s death on Chuck? As if he doesn’t he have enough to deal with! Something tells us this isn’t the last we’ll see of Bart Bass, but in the meantime, Chuck will have to survive on his own. Hopefully, he’ll have Blair Waldorf  by his side — if he lets her in.

Finally, 3 words, eight letters. Chuck was able to hear it at last. Maybe in a wrong time. Maybe right soon!

redefined loved of chuck & blair

redefined loved of chuck & blair

So what do you think of the scene where they fell asleep on Blair’s bed. Correction. Blair was awake. That sl*t.

Sl*tty but lovely.

Chuck, please come back. Blair will make it better!

Uggggghhh.. Blair and Chuck. And Chuck….Uggggghhh again.

This week’s episode of Gossip Girl is pretty dark, and I’m not just talking about the funeral wardrobe. In the spirit of not being too spoilery, I won’t say who kicks the bucket, but let’s just say it sounds like……………….gOT ME? Yeah I know. It means Silence.  Tragedy seems to have put a halt to this humanizing of Chuck that’s gone on all season (hanging with Eric, softening to Blair, etc.).

The result? A lot of lurking and a new Dark Knight-esque voice — but more on that in a second. The other plotline swirling around in this episode is the Lily-Rufus-Dan-Serena “I like you but our parents like each other” complication that made my head spin. And then there’s a wedding. Oh and then there’s the big old Lily secret that threatens to tear the world apart! OK, not really — I just love typing that. The secret’s a doozy, though, so let’s start chatting about it.

It was an official “NO” Jenny-Nate-Vanessa love triangle episode. Thank God, coz’ I am starting to get irritated by such fallacy.

B, calm yourself down.

B*tch grandma van der Woodsen is definitely in the house in this episode. It’s never quite clear if CeCe has good intentions or evil, but she definitely likes gin in the morning, which is fun. Everyone is sad and shocked by Bart’s death but no one can reach Chuck. Blair says the hotel told her they’re sending up food, so at least she knows that “there’s something alive in that room”.

I’m am no longer a  fan of Aaron’s because he lacks a personality and doesn’t make up for that by being fun to look at, but I was sort of on his side initially with Dan being all over his girlfriend. (Serena: “Dan’s been such a rock.”) It’s obnoxious when they both get texts from her and Dan’s all, “I got mine first!”Lily tells Rufus that she feels guilty that she was about to end her marriage to Bart when he died and she couldn’t bear to listen to his final voice message to her.

Well, in true Bass form, Bart didn’t leave a bunch of sweet nothings on her phone but a threat that he knows her secrets. Sheesh. When Chuck finally emerges he’s . . . disheveled! And mean. And tossing around terms like “whore” and “b*tch.” (On Lily: “B*tch is the reason my father is dead.”)

He’s also sporting a funny, deep, gravelly voice that sounds like Christian Bale in Batman, but worse….it seems to be “too much” huskiness don’t you think? Chuck’s also super wasted, because nothing numbs grief like hitting the bottle (. . . or the drugs?) on this show. Most of the episode goes by with nearly everyone in the dark about Lily and Rufus’s little meet-up when Bart died. So when Dan gets kicked out of the funeral by Chuck and he tells Rufus that according to Chuck, “my father killed his father,” it’s actually news to him.

So everyone’s trying to get through to Chuck (including Blair, who declares her love for him!) but the cheesiest line of the night goes to Eric, who’s saddled with delivering this doozy: “I just lost my stepfather. I don’t want to lose my brother, too”.

Poor Blair! After she tells him powerful things like “We’re Chuck and Blair!” he spits back, “We talked about this. You are not my girlfriend.”

Thankfully Blair has Cyrus to lean on. Aw! How cute are they?

The wedding’s so cute, too. Love Eleanor and Cyrus together. But here’s a question: Why did the writers bother making Aaron Cyrus’s son when they never interact? Blair and Serena haven’t even discussed (as you’d expect BFFs to) the fact that Serena’s boyfriend will now be Blair’s stepbrother. Which actually makes them even, as the guy Blair loves is Serena’s stepbrother. Or was. Man, this is complicated. And while we’re on the topic of crazy stuff, it’s weird to me that for Serena it’s either Dan or Aaron. Because her mom loves Rufus, she buries her feelings for Dan and therefore has to “try to make things work with Aaron.” If you have to try so hard, maybe you should just be single for a sec.

How pretty did Dorota look? She’s so sparkly at the wedding!

Less sparkly: Chuck’s note to Blair. “I’m sorry for everything. You deserve much better. Don’t come looking for me. —Chuck”. I have used this crappy lines with my ex-boyfriend.

Wow, that’s a lot to digest, so what did you all think of this episode? Sound off below!

Thanks CW for the Photos and myself for taking a hell lot of time to press print screen and edit the “chuck and blair” bed scene snap in Photoshop. Special thanks to buzz sugar for the commentaries also.

Can’t get enough of the Gossip Girl heat. 😉 Welcome on board.

This has been the sexiest bug in town. Signing off. Not because the entry is over….but because it is already 1:57 am in the morning.

bye for now.


And I am back with a buZZZZZZy day

Don’t you think that Jake Cuenca is ooozzzing hot. Believe me……I almost had wet dreams last night because of my excessive imagination and lustful obsession about this hunk.


Welcome everyone.

The bee is back in the limelight and I can never tell how much I missed all of you. It has been a week since the last time I have updated my blog. I tried to keep some offline write ups and just planned blowing each one of them in one….woooosh!!! voila.

I just got back from a long drive. I visited Sharjah City Center today in order to look after one of my shops which is going on and it is good to know that I am just right on track. In fact….I am ahead of the actual track. Good work! I am damn good……..;-) or am i not?

I would like to thank all my avid reader who’s taking time to read all my thankless write ups. I thought that I can never write again…..EVER. I am so damn occupied for the last few days and hours that haaa don heeeven haaa time to pee. One more and I’ll have kidney complications for sure.

So many things happened. With that….it is engraved with so many smiles. I can tell you through words, but it is really a lot to tell.

Boyfriend issues….or shall I say marriage issues, doha break ups, doha break-up aftershocks, weight issues, some D&G unresolved matters (it’s Dolce and Gabanna)…poink poink….farewells, goobyes…and more goodbyes…annoying cold and cough…some bony cheek encounters…getting drunk…being sober…new blond hairs……joel..and copycats….bitch queen…secret saturday tree hill flops…gossip girl reunions..upcoming buff-days…and many more……so many things that has outnumbered the camels in Dubai.

wuuuh?  —-yeah…with a question mark. again…wuuuh?

First up, the bitch poll!

with less than 10 days to go, let us find out whose leading as the fairest of them all.

look who's winning

And I am leading the game…………….Dignity at stake! I guess I am still on the top. But bitches can be more bitchly specially in the later part and we can never tell. Someone might not even sleep just to withstand the crown. Supporters….keep on voting. Even if I can smell the bacon from here…I am still willing to give my share. 😉 just chill out coz the numbers had spoken. Many tried….but nobody succeeded. Try hard….try harder.

In the end…there is only one woman standing. zzzzzzzzzzzz….zzzzzzzzzzzz…..

The bee buzzzzzzzzeeezz

– I was halfway assleep and I was in the room while I can hear the sound of the TV from the inside. Mariel Rodriguez has been interviewed and she was asked  whether she thinks that most men are kiss and tell. Then she replied back…..”I don’t think so all of them are like that” Am I dreaming? I wish I recorded the interview. It could have been a great proof that the “haaaa doon think soo” fever is sooooooooooo ON.

– I am healthy…so what? Someone has got a big problem right now…and I cannot tell anything further coz they are both my friends and I will never utter anything against any of the subject. Whatever this may lead to…I am still looking forward to hear some wedding bells with a cling cling cling.

– A week ago…Dubai has experienced few pours of rain. Nevertheless, 2 people pour down rains too. Balcony panics….people not showing up….boyfriend woes. Ugggghhhhhh! Behind those two smiles comes a big 4 layered mask. Each layered with sadness and hatred. A different situation…with one common problem. A broken heart due to excessive love. Gone are my days….its somebody’s turn now.

– Somebody just said goodbye to somebody…..will somebody give somebody a love which is deprived by somebody? I love you Doha.

– My boss finally said goodbye last Saturday with some few quotes to ponder on. I can’t remember the quote exactly but I can really sense some unfinished business in his farewell piece. Something which I believe…has been disclosed even in the last moments of his stay. Our department was mourning. We all had a teary eye. Myself in specific. Of course, we cannot let him leave without giving him something. A car navigator. Something essential to solve one of his major habits on road….GETTING LOST! We will all miss you Sid….One thing…It is difficult to travel on a ship without a Captain.

– With the above….comes My ex- boss Mayur Vilekar joining on board. Just like the old days.

– X…..axed. Someone’s leaving me too. After a long thought…he is leaving me rotting here in LG. I guess it was a good end though. As I’ve said…BETTER OPPORTUNITIES ARE ALWAYS GOOD OPPORTUNITIES. I will miss you fren….I bet you will too! Admit it… damn love me after all. You can’t just accept the fact that it is a fact….F OR F? wohoooo!!!

– I am suffering from Cold + heavy cough for the last one week. It was horrible. Intolerable. Such a pain in the neck. My eye bags are saying “Hi” due to this disgusting virus that I got from some mobile inferno.

– A bony cheek encounters happened a week ago. A pretentious act…the I am tipsy but I am cool encounter. Wahahahahhaha. (kumita nayan in fairview) that is so 80’s. There is only one thing I can say. Ni hao ma!

– Gee is now blonde. I mean blonder. Few people who has the only right to be “legally blonde”. Gee will always be Gee. I’ll give up my millions for that hair. 9 thumbs up!

– presenting…………….JOEL….finally we got his named tracked. Guess who figured out what was crushie’s name?

– Copycats: Footsy has got a new game. It is called…copy as many as you want. We can never call her bitch coz we are….SHE IS TERM LESS….

– November 22, 2008: Mark this date. It’s gonna be a “low-low-low” day…Oriental date….with a secret agenda!

– I watched One Tree hill episode 11 today…I fell asleep while watching. Something which is not the usual….it happens when I get bored and tired of what I am seeing. Gosh..Is it a falling down time for Tree Hill fanatics. Would Warner Brothers do something about this? Tree hill is becoming boring….becoming..common. Now Melrose Place is far off way better than Tree Hill.  Most of axed series often ends like this. Episode 11: I gave it a negative ten (-10) for a one of a kind flop.

– Gossip Girl. Unlike Tree hill. GG rocks. Well, tree hill also started with a phenomenal first season. I just hope that GG will be consistent about theirs….being unbelievably good. Episode 11 rocks. It was an episode of forgiveness. I have to admit…I cried specially with the Jenny and Rufus reunion. See it, otherwise I’ll spoil it.

– Happy birthday mean mina. 3 days from now and our dear mean mina will turn 18. That was like 11 years ago. Happy birthday….Ey mina…it’s your birthday…we’ll gonna party like….its your birthday…I love you and you know that. I love cutie allen too! (fease gurl!)

– Mama rosette is celebrating her second debut as well. (Peace Mama!) I was just kidding or am I right????? Jokes again. Mama….I so love you from the bottom of my anus. Let’s break a leg in this joyful day of yours. O come all ye faithful…..

– I need a proofreader. A grievance which is self-explanatory why.

What a week. It was an enormous one. I just can’t believe that this has happened over a week only. You really never know what is in store next. It is like a tv series…….with an unpredictable ending.

Of course we cannot close this blog item without talking about the topic concerning the Gabriz sisters.

My Views.

It was my bad…I have opened this topic and now…I can’t help it and it has to go on. After a week since I posted this topic, I have received numerous comments regarding the so called “saloon” encounter between some Tony and Guy Staff and the Gabriz sisters. Few revelations were identified and some cards were laid down. A lot of hate comments enough to make me filter some of them due to content concerns. A plenty of harsh comments yesterday and more crazy anecdotes followed today. It is even well discussed through a popular forum …and I just thought…this has become way overboard. We can say thousands of things about it any type of sorts..but still…I know that truth will prevail soon.

Cheers to someone who is making it more noisy. Cheers to me!

Oh Men…..You know what I am thinking right now?

I just want to sleep. Eyes closed. Hope to see you all when my eyes open up again.

I just love you all.

Love me more too!


buh bye October….Hello November!

Few hours from now and we will all be saying goodbye to October and say Hi to November. The next thing you know, it will be Christmas.

Happy Halloween….And for those of you who want a Trick or Treat….then you came into the right place. I hope mean mina can also share with us what happened in the Halloween Moulin Rouge party she had with her mates at 308.  

11 days from now and I will be celebrating my 25th Buff day. 25 years of a roller coaster ride. My Studies, my family, all of the heartaches, boys…and boys…my job, my career. Looking back on all of those was never simple.  I am expecting countless gifts soon….and make sure that it is not a f*ckin dildo coz I have got tons of that. But I don’t have the moving one though…..maybe that can be a good option.

———-> She’s Leaving on a Jet plane!

Let us all bid a temporary farewell to Mama Rosette as she is heading back home for a month of fun and vacation. I envy this bitch….I don’t even know when is my turn. Gurl, just make sure that you will have fun…with no limits. Take it to the fullest. Break a leg for us who can’t! We all love you. We will be missing you and your board game for quite some time.


I am accompanying somebody for an interview tomorrow. A close pal. Luckily he got some offer in BurjDubai. I hope he can make it. As much as I wanted to move on with my career…He might as well get the same thing. I hope he will be as lucky as others do.

Fingers crossed.

—————-Gossip Girl mania!

Don’t you love Jenny Humphrey’s new look? The extra ordinary blonde look has truly made her SHINE like a princess. I really adore the way she carries those glamorous outfits. I was just shocked about her new love interest…but I didn’t know that they even have their own chemistry…not until I saw it yesterday. And who’s the lucky guy? Well, it the so called “big brother” Nate Archibald. Hot….Perfect Pair yet more to show us. Let us just see how bad this can lead to. One thing am sure of….Dan won’t like the setting.

Spotted: Meet Erin. The artist of the Humphrey galley. He is so cute. Of course, being cute for Serena won’t be such a good idea for Mr. Dan himself. He was an ex-husband when Serena had a camp on a High school summer. Though the wedding was just for fun….I can smell something else. Add the fact that Serena looked so disappointed as made faces when she saw some lady riding on Erin’s bike. Make up your mind Serena. It is going to be a battle to win the queen’s heart.  Wait wait wait. Have you noticed something? Does he look familiar?

OOOOOOOh….He looks like hottie Allen. Elle was right. Mean Mina? Have your say? don’t you agree?

Wait for more to come. Let us wait for the voice behind the future revelations. We all know we love her. XoXo.

—————-One Tree Hill Trauma

One Tree Hill is starting to become boring. I guess they are starting to be out-shined by the Gossip Girl Series. But I understand…they shine their way out for the last years and they never failed to win everybody’s heart.

Who’s Julian? That is basically everybody’s question. Is he going to be a bad man in the picture? Peyton freaked out when he saw him during a meet in the much awaited “Ravens” movie launch. I guess he is some “past bad experience” when she was working in L.A. right after she turned down Lucas’ wedding proposal.

Well, what do you expect? One Tree Hill has always been a “big” Cliffhanger ever since. I am just so thrilled to see what is he up to. He does look like Lucas. 😉 Let’s wait for Episode 9 to come.

———-It’s a Saturday Once Again.

What are your plans bitches? A day more and we are all screwed with work…AGAIN…in Capslock. 

All of you…enjoy the rest of the weekend as it is almost over.

Get your feet off and start making yourself busy.


Catch my lips again soon.


serena, back as the queen bitch

Serena is back. And she is back with a vengeance. I guess the queen has redeemed her position back. Not so long since she ruled and rock.

Similarly, I was talking to gee a while ago and she said that my blogs are becoming boring day by day. Well, I guess she is right. I think we should have a little pinch of spice into our topics.

In this, I have to prepare a pay check for somebody. But let me compose the words first….as I will make sure this will be a topic of the year. (*winks*)

It seems Serena is not the only one who is back in the bitch business. She has some company.

An who could that be? You will find out soon.

Love me more.


give me a break

My head is literally giving me a headache. I guess i need a check up. It must have been my eyes. I cannot even drive properly. But that won’t stop me from watching my favorite series.

Gossip girl and One Tree Hill. They are indeed vitamins. They made me alive. My work sucks and it serves as a battery and the battery has to be class A.

Q’s death really broke my heart into its tiniest pieces. Sorry Gee. I am sure you can’t relate to what I am writing about and it’s not my f*cking fault. (*winks*) I know for you, books are better than Ipods. So go on…bookworm.

It was the saddest episode that I have seen in the history of Warner brother series. As expected, rain poured. Where? obviously not in Dubai but in my eyes. Poor Jamie, his world must have broken down. Devastated. The cape that he has prepared will now be useless as Q can never be seen forever. Those heartless theft has finally ended his dreams where he has really aimed for. One gun shot…..One broken dream.

He has read “Les Miserables” book. Nobody knows that. Poor high lighter……it cannot drain its ink for it is over. The scene were Nate, Haley, Lucas and Skills visited Q’s place before the funeral. They met his mom who was deeply saddened about the tragedy that hit their family. His baby boy is gone.

Surprisingly, his mom knows all four of them. Even though it wasn’t the best time and situation for all of them to meet, they felt like they all met long way back. Q’s description about the four of them has really melted their hearts.

———–Let us move on to gossip girl.

From a heartwarming episode that I had with One Tree Hill, gossip girl was exactly the opposite.

Nate,  I don’t know what is with him. This guy claims that he is just repaying the duchess as his debt of gratitude, but this guys seems to be enjoying every inch of it. “Hooter”.

Poor Vanessa. She has to give up her love for Nate to protect him from the devil’s plot of exposing where Nate’s father is hiding.

Crap. Give me a hand. Let us all clap our hands. We underestimated this plastic blonde. She has a brain after all. I thought that her boobs are bigger than her brain. 

Blaire….the sex addict. Pardon my words, but this gal obviously misses something. Something to fill her in. Something that our friend gee had in common. Therefore I conclude that you are lying. Wahahahahhaha ——-> peace Gee. Chuck took advantage of it and made way to a plan that almost succeeded. Blaire will always be blaire. She can always go out from a hole. Even if the hole is tight. As tight as my a**.

Jenny Humphrey has indeed won Eleonor’s heart. “you are fired” was definitely the last words that you expect from the most prestigious designer in the upper east side. Specially if you are working with her. Thanks for the black out. It has changed everything, including Eleonor’s mind. Her mood swing as well.

Dan and Serena, the “so unique” elevator scene made me bored….to death. The only thing that made me enjoyed that scene was Dan sweating. Sweating like a melting felt. Firing hot!

…..nothing much exciting about it except from the Gossip Girl being so classy and beautiful at all times. WHo say’s invisibility can never be sexy. You are wrong.

The Hell….I have to go back to my life sucking job.

Can’t wait for the next episodes to come.

Got to go. It’s ifthar time.

i “WAS” in love…and love meant cyrus ceasar

Cyrus Ceasar. Uhhhhhh…!!! He is the man.

He is my longest term partner. Well, 2 years is already long for me.

So this is how our story started.

It was April 5 of 2002, I was in my junior college days. I have attended my friend’s natal party in the mountainous outskirts of Nivel. It was Riva’s birthday. Quite a bunch of people have attended and I was one of them. I was sitting on some bench made of a carved tree positioned 180 degrees from the venue. In short, I became an audience to the fascinating outfits, all passing in front of me like colorful butterflies.

Haloooo…I cannot be sitting idle for the next three hours of my stay. I have to do something. So I decided to grab some vodka and gulped it big time.

1 hour is gone and I almost finished 3 glasses. Borrrrinnnnggg. Something has to happen magical today. When I returned my fourth glass into the table, right next to it is a man sitting alone just like me. I still remember the color of the shirt he was wearing. he was in yellow diesel. Unnoticeable, I spied. Then I just figured out that he was forming his name out of match sticks. How boring could that be? He must have been so exhausted like me. We are supposed to enjoy the party and not bore our selves to death. A couple of minutes after then I continued to keep an eye on him. He was still doing the same thing. Is he with somebody? How the hell will I find out if I just sit my big butt out on this bench.

I got curious, so I made the first approach. I have to get my fifth glass in order to make that move. With a big deep sigh….I asked him.

“Bored?”…..aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I know. It was a lousy question. I could have ask him…something else. Like..”Are you enjoying the party?”….crap..that is worst.

Anyway, I already asked him the question. Good thing he replied back and said. “Yeah, I am so bored. I want to get out from her.”

Then the conversation continued. I came to know that he happens to be a High school friend of Riva. He is also a junior Physical Therapy student of Cebu Doctors and a Basketball Varsity player. He was cute. I mean so cute. If I can only post his picture here, but I guess that won’t give him any justice. He is around 5’11” in height, strong built and fair complexion.

That was a nice conversation with him. At least, I didn’t wasted half of the party just biting my nails. We didn’t even realize that it was already passed 1 o’clock. And mannnn….when he smiles, you bet it’s like dinner for me. I was full. After a couple of minutes everybody decided to leave the venue. I myself on the list. I have to acquire at least 3 hours of sleep in order to withstand my plate submission the same day. It was so corteous of riva to have sent us home one by one. That includes me and Cyrus. He stays nearby only. I guess a 20 minute walk from Riva’s place. Hilly and mountainous.

Yawnnnnssss….What a day. Not even bad at all.


I thought so. But I was wrong. Thank God I got at least 3 and half hours of sleep. I am still in the bed mood. Stretching as my alarm keeps on snoozing from its original time. I need to move my butt out. I grabbed my phone as it continuously alarms and I didn’t even realize that I had 4 missed calls from an unknown number with 1 unread message. It must be riva.

I took a bath and after being descent, I read the message in my Inbox. It was from the same number +63918**** blah blah blah….the same number who gave me a call while I was sleeping dead.

So the message was. “It was nice talking to you today. Giwagtang nimo akong laay ganina. (You just had me occupied a while ago). I hope we can meet again soon. Kita nya ta somewhere.(Let us meet somewhere again soon!). Remembering every words of that message was a no brainer for me as it was one of the sweetest words that I have received in my life so far. I mean from somebody whom you least expected.

I saved his number in this way @—->—-cyrus not quite acquainted right?

—–DING DONG. That is the only thing that I can say. I just got excited of what just welcomed my morning. Happy bitch-day to me.

I never expected “soon” was going to be “soon” as in today soon????? He sent me a message once again inviting me to watch their game later. Huhhhhhhh??? WTF….what am I supposed to wear? Relax lee…it’s just a baskteball game. You don’t have to wear a gown. Just be yourself. At least my alter-ego was a little bit smart to tell it to my face. I thought that he was not serious about it. My class is till 2:00 pm and the game is at 3:30. How the hell will I reach the game on time? So I just told myself. I’ll pass. Anyway…it must have been a SEND TO MANY message and I am just one the recipient.

A few minutes before my last class ends, I received another message. “BENG…I WOULD BE VERY DISAPPOINTED IF YOU WON’T MAKE IT. I HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE. I’LL MEET YOU AFTER THE GAME.”….Panic attack. I need Help. The message was for me. I have my name on it. Nyaaaaarr! So it means I really have to go. No choice. (as if…i really didn’t want to.). Forget about all the bullsh*t lee. Go, break a leg. I arrived at the venue. The game has already started. It was against University of San Carlos. I remember, I even met a long lost friend outside the venue while I was buying some stray peanuts. I sat…and watched the game. Honestly, I am not a basketball fanatic, but I think I “kinna” enjoyed watching the game. Doesn’t sound so surprised?

I sat on the bottom end seating. I don’t want him to see me that quick. He might think that I have crossed life and death just to reach this seat. Sometimes, you need to get hold of your pride of course.

I didn’t even realize that I was already enjoying the game (of course, he is still the star of the game). Though he is not so popular compared to the other CDC players, still, he is adorable.

He got a 3 point shot….Everybody was shouting. he pointed two fingers towards me……———-OH MY RAT!!!!!! He made that shot for me? —–OH MY RAT AGAIN. It means, he saw me? OH MY RAT —–I am overwhelmed…It was like a “Never Been Kissed” scene for me. Something which is only seen in movies.

The game finished and CDC won. I don’t remember the exact final score, but it was a far lead. What am I supposed to do after? Think, think! He is approaching me….wahahhaaha… “beng..huwata lang ko sa gawas ha. mga 10 minutes.mag shower lang ko, then laag ta after.” (beng, just wait for me outside ok? I’ll just take a shower, give me 10 minutes and we’ll stroll after.)

Is this really happening? Does illusion really make you believe that they are real.

Whatever. Food is served lee, Grab it. These are some of the small things that I wanted to teach my close friend Lara. Nothing to elaborate.

So your highness waited of course. 10 minutes was really 12 minutes when he called me that he is about to come out. He came out with his car. Of course, the bee should sit. What else can I do aside from that? I was born to obey orders.

I hate this kind of situation. In the passenger seat….Running out of words…. Staring at the window, while trying to start a conversation. Luckily, he made it way easy for me as he opened all the topics and I was able to interact at least. Gossshhh…I was shivering. I don’t know what to say. We decided to have dinner at Jo’s.

Romantic dinner bitch….it’s a romantic dinner—-in my mind…I started singing…”YOU MADE ME FEEL…YOU MADE ME FEEL…LIKE A NATURAL WOMAN…..” —-So Romina…if your reading this, now you know the story behind this song.

Of course, being man enough, he paid for the dinner. I offered, but I did not made the offer again since I have got 20 bucks left in my purse. (Take note: It’s a purse.)

God….What have I done in order for you to bless me so much like this? Is this for real? or this is just one of the moments that I will wake up later? tell me. I want answers.

Unfortunately, God didn’t answer. So I just enjoyed the moment. Next to Jo’s was a big billiard game hall. That was our next pit stop. We had couple of drinks….and played couple of games. Well, he never asked! He didn’t thought that I was good with balls. No question about it. Sticks and balls are my games remember?

It was late. He tried to beat me, but never succeeded. Poor guy. Try harder next time.

I thought it was the end…..of a beautiful story…… then you are punk’d. It wasn’t. He took me to his apartment in Mandaue. It’s a duplex type. It was his mom’s haven, but since she moved to United States, the place has become vacant. It was a quiet and descent place. It was like a ghost town. Wake up lee…it is midnight. What do you expect? My alter-ego shook my head once again. We went inside. The place was so cool. His mom has this big sculpture made of hardened clay. It was fabulous. Superb. Seeing the state inside, I guess this guy is a regular visitor here. He went up and told me if I can wait upstairs while he shows me his mom’s collections of angels. I got excited. Yeah…right..there was a full collection of angels…different types..of different sizes. He even told me that one of them is owned by princess Di. His mom bought it, in one the auctions in London. Cool. Angelic!

That wasn’t actually the one which caught my attention. Instead, it was his mom’s britney spears stuff collection. Britney posters…complete britney audios and videos…britney poster….and a britney mug???? hahahha! he didn’t tell me that. Maybe he doesn’t want to be embarrassed. Well, for me it was cool. With the way it was set up…it was marvelous! A Gigantic Britney fan.

He disappeared. I just realized that the shower was on and he was taking a bath. The door was half open. Is it a coincidence or a complete black agenda????

So I sat..I have to pretend that I am reading some reader’s digest book…I have to look smart. But the truth is I am about to fade. I don’t have a clue of what will happen next?

So he finished shower. He went out from the toilet wearing a white towel. Half naked. Nice bod…. Door bell…..!!! Ding Dong.. I sat sideways…hihihi.. (naughty ass)

He was talking about something. But the heck….who will concentrate? I just kept on nodding. He was telling me something but I never understood any of it. I was more disturbed about his half-wet nice built. Grrrr……Mom help.

That wasn’t it. He grabbed something on the closet. It was his boxers? Grrrrrrrr…He put his underwear in front of me.. Dad…help….!!!!! Relax….he wore it turning his back away from me. So…not even a glimpse. He put the towel off and roam around the house wearing boxers only. I am shaking. You know what I mean? Surely, you do. So he opened the tv and kept on talking while he laid down into the clean white sheets of his bed. Technically, his mom’s bed. So poor me…I was still sitting in the couch next to it. I have to be firm. Otherwise, my mom won’t be proud of me. He asked me to stay the rest of night and told me that he will just send me home later. “I made an alibi”. I have classes tomorrow. HE REPLIED. Liar….Tomorrow is Sunday.

Well, I guess I am not quite good at it. So I don’t have a choice. I have to sleep over. What else can I do? I am helpless. (*winks*).

We talked about so many things…….until it became green. So what happened next?


So? Did we do it? ahhhhhh????? …it’s like this. I am still a virgin..but we did something more of like a game that he can never forget. Go figure what is it.

I was dropped home with a happy face. Having both ends of my smile extended to my ears. That happy.

After that, I guess we were officially on. I guess I have to believe it. I know it’s difficult to believe and until now I can’t even figure out what was it really all about. It was just a spark. An unxpected spark that I thought would end that night. It’s a make believe scene that I wanted to rewind all the time. It was indeed magical. In life, situations like these rarely occur. I ran out of words to describe it.

The relationship became so deep. I was loving every moment of it. Every inch of it was unbelievable. I was full of doubt. Full of questions…full of hesitations.

I just swayed myself with the flow. No matter how everything is going to end up the next day I wake up.

With all those days, I wasn’t able to enjoy the reality that was in front of me. He was so sweet and thoughtful. I cannot imagine that he would even bother to introduce me to his parents and sister as his partner. It was an embarassing moment for me. Well as for him, it seems like just one of the casual days of his life. His parents was so open about it and didn’t even bother to condemn us. It was a teary day for me. Specially about his dad who was so cool about everything. They were so accomodating and that overwhelmed me so much. Is this really happening? No matter how many times I have to utter this words…still I ended up asking myself why?

Still, doubts haunted me like anything. I don’t want it to destroy me. So I stopped. I just enjoy every minute of it and felt like it was really normal.

His mom even invited me home and taught me how to bake cookies. His sister was so “kikay” that he even treated me like his older sister. That was so much. Believe me, his father even gave me a “day” gift…and what is it? A face powder! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr……………..These unusual things kept on torturing me. But I sustained and just lived with it.

I became so close to his family. We even go to masses in some Sundays of the month. His mom always tells me how I inspired Cyrus in the little things that I am not aware of.

I have to admit. It may really seem sound so unreal. But we are talking facts here. Maybe less….but nothing more.

There are times when I cry my self out alone because of their inevitable goodness. That makes me miss my family so much. So much.

We were like the “Untouchables”. We were perfect. I was happy and the great impact that his love has given me made me believe that even the “gayest” person on earth can be happy when you least expect it.

I was gay, literally. Happy about what life is showing me.

Of course, A fairy tale book can have its pages torn sometimes. We also had our own ups and downs. But the good thing about us is that we talk about it. We spend time to sort it out. I thought I was bad at relationships. But I just figured out that I was even good at my first.

I loved him dearly. I really did. Term used is “did” not because it was  past…’s because it will still go on. He was like forever to me.

He was there. The moment I finished college and all the special moments of my life. I shared it with a special person who thought me of love ain’t fading.

——————————- a story has its end. I will post it soon! this continues.


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